Spring in January?

A month or two ago, if you had told me that this is the winter I would have to look forward to, I would think you had mistaken the months for those of spring. Rarely has the temperature dropped below freezing, explaining the lack of frost and ice, let alone snow. I’m not just exaggerating out of disappointment, either – The plants and wildlife are confused about the time of year as well! New sprouts and flowers are already pushing through the soil, seeking out the heat of the sun, only to find a gray, clammy atmosphere awaiting them above the surface. Animals are out in full force again, but finding nary a leaf nor bud to munch on. It used to make sense that the early bird would catch the worm, but in this case even the early bird would be lucky to find even a single insect.

The situation may sound bad, but trust me, it could very easy make a turn for the worst in a matter of days. If the air suddenly decided to turn frigid and behave accordingly to the actual season, the newborn plants could freeze over, greatly reducing their numbers in warmer months. Maybe this won’t be the year for a bountiful garden, either. Still, this possibility was nothing compared to what I was about to see sitting on the back porch one day.

I could scarcely believe my eyes – A parrot, right there in my very yard! Only in pet stores had I viewed this bird in person before, since these tropical creatures tend to prefer a warm and balmy climate, whereas I prefer to stick to a New England sort of atmosphere. Nonetheless, there it was, perhaps being confused by the unusual temperature for this time of year and having taken a wrong turn somewhere. Rather stunned by this uncommon visitor, I was experiencing “deer in the headlights syndrome,” snapping back to my senses only when the bird was already flapping its wings, headed back out on its journey. How I wish I could have questioned where it had hoped to arrive, because I can almost guarantee that this area is not exactly a hot spot in past years at this month.

Forget about the plants for now, I think that we need snow more desperately at the moment. If not for the sake of canceled school and snowmen, but for the poor animals at their wit’s ends, trying to make sense of the situation!

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