Shit Happens

Encounters with frustrating people are inevitable – This is America, after all. Many times have I heard classmates at school grumbling about their desire to graduate and rid themselves of the immature morons they are surrounded by, but the truth is, there is no place on Earth where you won’t have forced interactions with the less competent among us. Those same bumbling idiots will still be out there despite their qualifications, perhaps even in the same occupation as yourself. Just because someone has gone to school and holds a prestigious position in their field doesn’t mean they have any common sense. Just take a look at our president!

Case in point would seem to be my father’s old teammates at a certain marketing job at a company that will remain unnamed. I don’t know these people from personal experience, but every single day after work, we would sit down to dinner and he would tell yet another tale of some incredibly counter-intuitive strategy suggested or half-baked ideas employed by a coworker. While I can’t verify every detail of his accounts, just hearing the basic scenarios make me seriously question the authority of your standard white-collar salary person.

One particular family dinner began with a story that I found absolutely hilarious, if completely inappropriate on my father’s behalf. Apparently there was some disagreement over the effectiveness of their current product’s logo, especially because it was different in two different countries. After a long and frustrating discussion, my dad took it upon himself to design an entirely new logo. Quite creative if you ask me! It had a similar overall shape to one of the original images… Albeit not something that most of his coworkers would probably look at in a positive light. To put it flatly, my dad decided that to best illustrate his feelings for this team, it was only sensible to make them a logo including a steaming pile of shit.

I kid you not. Once I saw the infamous design for myself, it was only a matter of days before I embarked on the task of making a scale model. It reminded me of the adorable pile of happy poo I had first seen ages ago, so I based the overall shape off of this inspiration. The very next work day after I had presented my creation to my dad, it had found a place of honor next to a copy of the innovative new logo itself.

I don’t know if my smiling shit was such a big hit in the office, but it definitely had its share of fans among my friends who saw it in progress. Before the original was even completed, I had received numerous requests from others who wanted their very own crocheted poop. Sadly, I didn’t take notes as I went along, so I would have to start again from scratch if I were to attempt a second version. I suppose that for now atleast, my dad’s will remain the one and only.

Although maybe… This shortage is for the best. There’s already so much shit we all deal with every day, after all.

4 thoughts on “Shit Happens

  1. Bittersweet… I LOVE your Happy Poo! But, are you running out of ideas?! I was wondering if you could make one out of a long, thin tube then spiral it around to match the picture.

    Like yours better than in the link in your article.

  2. …Hannah, you are my life. Please hang out with me more often XD Though I will see you tonight! I am so excited :3

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