Long gone are the days of quietly giving out presents and having hardly an envelope to open for myself; I’ve been so badly spoiled lately, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if my complexion began to resemble something like a slice of moldy bread. All these gifts and hardly a worthy reason! Aside from holiday madness, I’ve also been spoiled by yet another lovely swap, this time with the creative and talented Jen of Persephone’s Awakening.

Posting my first try at the asphyxiation choker months ago generated quite a bit of interest, and prompted the beginnings of our swap. This now made my third version, this time in a deep purple that is hardly done justice by the terrible artificial lighting employed in my photos. Having had so much practice with this pattern, by the time I finished the piece, I could probably have made it in my sleep. What was once an complicated and frustrating page of text that was barely comprehensive now proved to be… Simple and relaxing. Just goes to show, practice makes perfect!

But enough of my boring contribution. What’s really exciting is the fantastic crafted goods I got from Jen in exchange! It was a long, hard wait, but anything worthwhile certainly takes time, so I tried hard not to let my impatience over come me. Of course, it was only when I wasn’t actually home to receive the package that it finally arrived at my door step, but it was still a wonderful surprise to find upon my return. Before unpacking my suitcase or checking my email, my greedy little hands were tearing through the tape and cardboard, hungry to get a hold of my newest treat.

Thank goodness I was able to hold on long enough for Jen to complete her crafts, because as you can see, they came out just lovely! Not only are the little felt appliques adorable, but both the bag and purse match! In addition, she even sent the sweetest kit of materials to create your own felt ornament, although I couldn’t get an adequate picture of that. Sure, it’s too late to make anything to hang on a tree now, but I’m sure that I can make something seasonally appropriate to hang somewhere in the house instead.

Such a perfect choice too, because I’m always complaining about not having the right size of bag to transport my knitting with me. I’ll have to save this one for non-school days so that it doesn’t get dirty though – I would hate to ruin such nice work. Thank you Jen, I absolutely love all of it!

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