Left My Heart in San Fransisco

Since bursting in through the garage door last night to be vigourously greeted by my dog, it’s been hard to convince myself I really want to go back out. It was a wonderful trip, don’t get me wrong, but it’s such a relief to be back home. Highlights of the trip would definitely include the first hotel we stayed at in LA, where my sister broke a hotel toilet seat into four pieces, we almost plunged to our death on a broken elevator, and I almost suffocated by trying to smell durian cookies bought at a local China Town grocery store. All of which, I would be hard pressed to try again, but they sure will make great memories. I just can’t believe that all of a sudden, I find myself staring at not only January on the calendar, but the calendar itself is for 2007. As much as I was expecting this, inevitable as it is, I still find myself mildly shocked and alarmed that so much time has gotten away from me. Hopefully this new year will bring with it many more positive experiences and maybe even memories that would be worth repeating as well.

Thank you everyone for all of your well-wishes on my last post! It was truly heartwarming to return to all of your lovely messages, and I’m only disappointed I couldn’t access them sooner. Emily and Desiree, I would have loved to meet up with you had it worked out… Maybe I’ll be back sometime, and better organized to boot? We’ll see I suppose. And yes, that was me in the blue ornament, with the strategically placed camera so as not to scare away potential readers. Trust me, I’m doing you all a favor on this one!

Any way, I still have tons of unpacking, cleaning, and writing to do not only to settle back in, but also to prepare to face school again tomorrow. In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. I bet everyone can figure out where atleast one of them was taken…

7 thoughts on “Left My Heart in San Fransisco

  1. you take such nice photos, hannah! glad to hear you had a great trip, and i can’t believe it’s already time to go back to school… i’m certainly not ready for it!

  2. You know, they say that as you get older, time goes faster. This is based in math: When you are 10 years old, the last year seems like a long time because it was 1/10th of your life (not that you remember being 1 yr old, but you get the point). When you are 20, say, the last year seems shorter because it was 1/20th of your life. And so on. So look out; it continues to speed up!

    Next time your in Cali, we’ll get together. =)

  3. Hannah, you’ve got to label those pics! I can recognize two of them (well, three if you count the coastline at Big Sur ?). You do take very good shots; your composition is really great. Where is that rustic trail? Mount Tam, maybe?

    You were a hop skip and jump from me when you saw the La Brea Tar Pits, though. Hopefully your shoes made it through the park unscathed… ;-)


  4. Excellent photos Hannah! So glad you enjoyed your trip!

    What’s with the “doing us a favor” line though? :(

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