One Year Wiser

Dear Mom,

As another birthday comes and passes, I just wanted you to know how thankful I am not only that we have an opportunity to celebrate another full and eventful year, but how meaningful it is that I could be here to join in. I’ve missed out on a lot these past years, including your actual birthday, but most of all, I’ve missed you.

Another year, another 52 weeks, another 365 days; However you want to quantify the time spent that has brought us to this point is unimportant. It’s what you’ve done and the memories of that time that will ever matter. It’s always a story unfinished, a work in progress, and for all my memories of the past and those to come in the future, I owe you my life. Of course, all daughters could say the same of all parents, but you’ve done more than your share to keep me a part of this world. Going above and beyond the call of duty, I don’t take for granted that you pressed on when so many others would have thrown up their hands and walked away. I wish I could have done something spectacular for your birthday, but I don’t think any expensive gift or ridiculous outing would have proven anything more than my genuine appreciation for your successful voyage across the seas of time.

This is getting a bit too mushy for me, so I think it’s time I cut my little monologue short and cut the cake instead.

I love you mom. Happy Birthday.

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