Cozy Cables

According to the forecast only a night ago, I was under the impression that we were to expect flurries starting early in the AM, continuing through the morning commute, and later giving way to freezing winds. Excited as ever to witness the ephemeral fluffy stuff falling from the clouds, snapped awake early and tore away the covers at first light. Tripping over my own awkward feet, I rushed to the nearest window where I peered out and saw… Nothing. No snow. Not even clouds in the sky. What a complete disappointment!

This is already the second false alarm, but I really believed it would be different this time. It’s colder and well into the month of December, so the prospect of snow is entirely plausible. It would have been the perfect day for a delay or cancellation of school, since I was utterly unprepared for two tests that awaited me… I’m sure that alone influenced my rising hopes for a blizzard, but beyond that shallow motive, it’s seriously time for snow! What’s the hold up here?

Well, whenever the clouds finally decide to let loose its fine powder, atleast I know I’ll be prepared, along with my loved ones. Don’t tell, but this particular article of winter wear pictured above will become a holiday gift for a friend in a short couple of weeks. [Truly, it’s more like days at this point!] While it’s nothing fancy, this comfortable hat is sure to protect those sensitive ears from the harsh conditions outside.

My hands are itching to knit more lace objects, but sadly, that won’t create such a functional garment when you’re facing temperatures in the single digits. Accepting that fact, the next best thing would be cable work, which provides sufficient interest to hold my attention long enough to knit a project through to completion.

From Stitch and Bitch Nation, the Basic Cable pattern is exactly as the title implies – Easy enough for a beginning knitter, but still capable of producing an attractive little cap. I love how fast it was to finish the whole hat as well, because as the resident knitter in my circle of friends, I feel as though it is atleast partly my responsibility to provide warm accessories so that no body freezes to death. With this pattern in tow, I could probably complete a dozen before the snow finally decided to grace our lawns with its presence.

Until then, I’ll just be looking towards the sky with needles at hand, waiting…

7 thoughts on “Cozy Cables

  1. you write so beautifully. Any way the hat is beautiful as well, you have become an exceptional knitter my friend.

  2. Your hat came out great, I’m sure it’ll be a hit! And it’s such a beautiful shade of green!

  3. Your hat’s really great, I really need to try knitting again….. I hope you get some snow soon and if it’s any consolation it’s 40 degrees C (102 degrees F) where I live. The sun is a big orange ball of fire in a grey sky and the air is hazy because there are bushfires and it’s not even summer yet! Anyway…. your hat is really nice, and a perfect Christmas colour, anyone would be lucky to receive it as a gift.

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