Big Sweet Tooth

When you use up all of the flour and sugar stored in your home, isn’t yarn the most appropriate alternate material?

Atleast that’s what I think. Neither the donut nor the cupcakes are new patterns to me, but I really don’t see how anyone could get tired of making them. Cute and easy, I could probably make two or three fuzzy pastries in a day, no problem. Although these weren’t knit up with anyone in particular in mind, they will still undoubtedly be distributed as holiday gifts within a few weeks. It never hurts to have spares, especially in case something falls through at the last minute, or unexpected people suddenly become a part of your holiday gift list.

Usually I bake up tons of sweets to hand out to these extra people, which is always graciously accepted, but I still would prefer to give out things that will last beyond the week so that they can [hopefully] be treasured, not just remembered.

With presents as sweet as these, I figure that at the very least, it would be pretty hard to forget!

7 thoughts on “Big Sweet Tooth

  1. Those look so great! What did you fill yours with, I’m kind of thinking that they would make great paper weights?

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