Madness in the Growing Crowds

Black Fridays has descended upon us once again, and I can barely contain my excitement. Such an American thing it is to go out and buy things to celebrate the season, cramming far too many bodies into confined spaces and battling it out with random strangers over another useless piece of plastic crap. I absolutely love it. If I could just sit in a packed store all day and video tape all of the aimless aggression needed to win something that nobody needs… Well, that would just about make my day off from school perfect.

I’m sorely tempted to exacerbate the problem further, because I really can’t leave well enough alone. It’s all I can do right now to restrain myself from marching into some random home appliance store and try to return a pair of socks, holding up the already lengthy lines while I argue quite seriously that their socks are completely unacceptable, and that of course I bought them here, look at the bag I brought them in! It matches doesn’t it? Therefore, it must be from this store!

I’m so sorry everyone, this particular celebration of consumerism simply brings out my vicious side, and while I find it plenty entertaining on its own, how could I not feel the urge to join in on the madness? I see the riot over some stupid trinket, and I want to join in for no good reason but to increase the chaos further. Maybe this is why I make all of my own gifts; Shopping makes me a tad… Crazy? This is the one day of the year where my juvenile scheming gets the best of my otherwise tame sensibility, so don’t worry, I’m almost never like this otherwise!

Anyways, it is now undeniably “Christmas time,” and I need to start putting the pedal to the metal in terms of my crafting activities. Anticipating the glorious incoming snow that can’t be too far off, I knitted up a quick pair of mini-mittens to accommodate cold little hands.

Newborns are popping up everywhere I turn, so it never hurts to knit up some baby items whenever a pattern strikes my fancy. These in particular are intended for a sweet little boy, born a mere handful of months ago. He’s probably still just getting used to the current environment, so it never hurts to bundle up early.

I still have tons of work to do to prepare for holidays that now loom ominously overhead like storm clouds ready to burst, so I’ll continue to occupy myself with that business. I promise you I’ll do my best to stay out of stores today… But the potential for mayhem is so tempting… Just be aware that the person ahead of you in line, raving at the cashier about a faulty product… You never know, it could be me.

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