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Turn on your tv and I guarantee that within the first commercial break you chance upon, you will witness at the very least three advertisements that some how relate to the holidays. Now that it’s November, nothing is off limits – Christmas is basically around the corner anyways, right? There is definitely a good deal if planning and crafting to start on for Thanksgiving, but if I try to even conceptualize what may or may not occur in December, I honestly fear that my head just might explode. With all the preparations to be done, I really don’t have time to clean that up, and I kind of doubt that brain goo will make a very attractive home decoration.

I have very poor perception of time, so when I see all these ads for Christmas gifts and such, my stress rises to about 20 points short of a melt down. We are entering my favorite time of year now, but there are many aspects that come with it which must be sorted through before the fun begins. All I can do right now is focus on one thing at a time, and since Thanks giving is indisputably fair game now, I think the time is ripe for us to talk turkey.

But of course I’m going to have a turkey at the dinner table! It’s his day after all, he should be the guest of honor! I’m sure we can both agree to have a tofurkey on the table as well. I have a feeling that my family won’t entirely agree with this proposal, but this year I’m putting my foot down. If there is any sort of dead animal present at dinner, I will not be. This is the time to be grateful for life, so I can’t possibly see how sacrificing another helpless turkey will really be the appropriate way in which to celebrate. I know tradition is very prevalent in the reasoning behind this approach, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s murder. This proclamation may just leave me out in the cold this year, but I know that I won’t be completely alone – My [acrylic] feathered friend over there plans to stick around for a while, especially during this dangerous time.

Now you can invite a turkey to your own veggie feast, how ever you choose to mark the occasion! They really do make wonderful, gracious guests, and you can rest assured that they will fully appreciate your decision to have a cruelty-free holiday. Just ask everyone you invite if they’d really want to eat a cute little turkey like him, and maybe you might change a few minds.

Head and Body:

Using an F hook and dark brown worsted weight, sc 5 into a circle
Sc twice into each stitch
Sc1, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc2, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc3, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc even for 4 rounds
Sc3, sc 2tog* around
Sc2, sc 2tog* around

-Insert eyes-

Sc even for 1 round
Sc2, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc even for 1 rounds
Sc3, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc even for 1 rounds
Sc4, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc even for 5 rounds
Sc4, sc 2tog* around
Sc3, sc 2tog* around
Sc2, sc 2tog* around
Sc1, sc 2tog* around
Sc 2tog* around
Break yarn, stuff, and secure bottom

Wing (Make 2)

With the same colored yarn as the body, ch 6
In second ch from hook, sc 1
Sc 1 into next ch
Dc 1 into each of the next 2 ch
Into final ch, tc 6 times
Dc into back of 2 sc
Sc once more into next stitch


In yellow yarn, sc3 into a circle
Sc2 into 1 stitch, 2 sc, 2 sc into 1 stitch (5)
Sc2, sc 2 into 1 stitch, 2 sc (6)
Beak yarn, leaving a couple inches to sew with

For the snood, simply ch 4 in red and attach


Beginning with the same dark brown yarn, sc 5 into a circle
Sc twice in each stitch
Sc1, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc2, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc3, sc twice into next stitch* around

-Switch to rust-colored yarn-

Sc4, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc5, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc6, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc7, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc8, sc twice into next stitch* around

-Switch to red yarn-

Sc9, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc10, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc5, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc6, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sc7, sc twice into next stitch* around

-Switch to orange yarn-

Sc8, sc twice into next stitch* around
Sk1, tc 5 into next stitch, sk1, sl st (Half way around, or 12 x)
Break yarn, leaving a very long tail

To assemble: Determine proper placement and sew both wings to the sides, and the beak between the two safety eyes. The only semi-challenging part is the tail, which is to be folded in half so that all of the scalloped edge is in front. Sew the two sides together so that the second to last row matches up on both pieces and the scallops protrude. Sew to the back using matching yarn. Bury in ends and start preparing for Thanksgiving!

68 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

    really. just saying that there will be no meat,or no you.
    that will work!!

    call me later if you wanna come over and watch marry poppins or something.

    1. thank u sooooo much I am going to make a toddlers outfit using your patton, I am going to make a hat instead of a head and make a body to fit the baby thank u great job for sharing,,

  2. Good luck with the family! I’ve boycotted T-day for years now, most recently in the form of going to Farm Sanctuary and watching children feed turkeys a feast. I hope yours works out. And the turkey is adorable. =)

  3. Thank you sooooo much for this pattern. I look forward to looking at your postings each night. Keep up the beautiful work!!

  4. That turkey is gorgeous!
    I’d love to learn how to do that, but with no prior experience i may have to start from real kiddie templates.

    Your idea of ‘tofurkey’ intrigues me! Hope you upload some photos when you’re done ^_^

    Hope Christmas isn’t too stressful for you!

  5. so cute! i’m so happy to see someone focus on thanksgiving & not jump straight to Christmas. I love Christmas, but I also love Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Thanks for the pattern! I’ll only have to ge the brown and I can start… yippee!

    He’s so cute. How long does it take to make him? I might make more than one and give them out for favors!


  7. Eeeee, he is adorable!!! I can’t wait to make him, he’s got to be the cutest turkey I have ever seen!

  8. What a fabulous pattern!
    I’m lucky enough that I haven’t had to deal with a turkey carcass in years. We now host a vegan t-day at my place where friends come over (and few of them vegan actually) to seek refuge from the chaos that is family events.

  9. oh thank you so much for this! I was wondering what I was going to use as a center piece and this is just perfect. Thank you for making this avalible.

  10. Thanks so much for the pattern. I will make them for my table.Will have a new granddaughter by then and will make her 1st Turkey.

  11. Love the cute little turkey. I agree about Thanksgiving dinner with no turkey. My husband, Rich and I have dinner by ourselves. So we decide what we want for Thanksgiving dinner……….last year it was homemade veggie pizza and pumpkin pie.

  12. I think he is the most beautiful tur-key I have ever seen! My friend, Beth just said yesterday that she did not have a turkey for her Fall arrangement in her entry way. If the Good Lord is willing I am going to surprise her with your beautiful turk-ey, and she will have her turkey. How beautiful a piece of art he is. The Lord really blessed your hands and mind when he gave you this pattern. May He continue to use your hands to create beautiful pieces of work for His kingdom. Thank you for the pattern. Your kindness is appreciated…

  13. Hi I think this pattern is adorable. I found it while looking for a pattern for a small crocheted turkey pin that you would wear on your blouse, or as I wear it on my smock at work. I think I can make a copy by just looking at the one I have but would really rather save the time and have a pattern. Does anyone happen to have such a pattern they would be willing to share? Thank you and I will be making this turkey for my place of employments Fall decorations 2007! God bless you all,Tess

  14. I totally love your turkey. Thank you for sharing. I decided to add some legs on mine. I hope that you check him out. I’ going to give him to my Granny, she is going to love him.

  15. ^_________________^ AHH he’s so cute. And do not worry, for he is comfortable and (hopefully) happy in my room. I love him so :D When it gets warmer, I am going to put him in my car, and he will be my travelling buddy.

    Thank you again for the happy invite; thanksgiving was truly a wonderful experience. ‘specially with you, luff ;D

  16. Sorry to post this so many months later, but I wanted to let you know I made your turkey as a present for my sister. Of course, she loved it — he one comment was “Make more! Make them bigger!”

    Your designs are cuter than many I’ve seen published. Have you submitted any for publication yet?

  17. Just wanted to let you know that even a year later, your cute little turkey is bringing joy to others. I just got married in May and in August my husband deployed to Iraq. I am going to make him the turkey and send to him for thanksgiving. (I might even make several if I have the time and supplies so his whole unit can have a big flock!) Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with the world!

    P.S. What did you use for eyes, and how did you attach them?

    Thanks again!

  18. Yay for us vegetarians! I love your turkey much more than the ones folks like to eat! Long live the turkey!

  19. That’s so cool! I’m going to try to transform it into a peacock. This is adorable… Thanks so much for this awesome pattern!

  20. aww! he’s the only turkey anyone’s going to be able find @ my place this xmas! woo woo! ♥

  21. Thank you so much for posting the pattern I have made the turkey and it didn’t quite come out as cute as yours it still came out pretty good. I have linked you to my ravelry account since I found you on there. So I gave props where it was deserved. Take a look on my blog and check it out.

    Thanks again!

  22. I’ve loved and have been reading your blog for awhile (thanks to google reader for keeping me up to date!).

    While i wasn’t able to get this done in time for this year, i did want to know, what size safety eyes did you use??

  23. this is so cute!!! i really want to try it but im still kind of a beginner. is there any way you could simplify the pattern for me or suggest other things i can do? id really like to have this little guy on my table this year!

  24. I’m wanting to do just the feather part or tail of the turkey to make it only. I am re-learning crochet after many years and its all new to me again.

    Might you tell me when you start it with

    “Beginning with the same dark brown yarn, sc 5 into a circle”

    Does this mean to chain five first and then join the circle with a slipknot and then do the five single crochets int hat? I’ve been working on this for two or more hours now and can’t seem to get it to work out correctly….One time it was all like wavy and not a flat circle even…

    Might you help me out?


  25. I found the Gobble Gobble Turkey pattern and I think it is adorable. However there is a term in the pattern I cannot figure out. I have crocheted for years, but I never run across the term tog. Can someone help me? I want to make him.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. To Virginia if toy tog as in sc2tog it means single crochet 2 stitches together. You insert hook yarn over pull thru but instead of finishing stitch you insert hook into next stitch yarn over and pull thru then finish the stitch like normal by pulling thru all loops. Hope that helps

  26. LOVE the pattern! SOOOOO insanely cute and I love your whole tofurky thing. I’ve been a vegitarian for 13 yrs so I eat that every year when thanksgiving rolls around. I’m definately going to mass produce this and hand out these turkies to family, friends, and anyone else who wants one! :D

  27. I am trying to do this and I am stuck at the Sc3, sc twice into next stitch* around. It just didn’t look right so I tried sc1, sc twice but it still didn’t look right. I’ll keep trying, but if you can help me out I’d really appreciate it. :-)

    1. Irma: sc3, sc twice in next sc means single crochet into the next 3 stitches; then single crochet 2 stitches in the next stitch. This makes an increase of one stitch; when you have done this, you now have 5 stitches instead of 4. Continue to sc 3 sts, then sc 2 sts into the next st until you are at the beginning of the round.

  28. I really appreciate all of the free patterns on this site. However, some of the patterns do not indicate the size of the finished item. For instance, the turkey pattern could be 6″ tall or 12″ tall; it’s impossible to tell from the picture. Maybe an approximate finished size could be included.

  29. Ah. Damn. Why couldn’t I have found this in October when I had time to make it before the big family Thanksgiving??

    Being half-vegetarian myself (translation: I skip the meat when I can) in a family of happy omnivores, Thanksgiving is going to be a very interesting holiday for me. Fill up on mashed potatoes and the other delicious sides, and try my best to avoid the turkey?

    Anyway, thanks so much for the neat pattern. I’m totally giving it a shot! ;)

  30. This little Turkey is so cute, I am going to try it today. Thanks for sharing your pattern, it is so helpful for a beginner like me.

  31. Thanks for this adorable pattern…made him in a few hours….edged him in fall colored eyelash yarn…really pretty! I embroidered his eyes with black sparkle yarn. Will post a pic on Ravelry and add your pattern info…if you want to see it on there, you can look me up under Suzfer…
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  32. Hi,

    I love this pattern, but I need some help! I’m working on the wing and all is fine until I got to the part following the triple crotchets, where it says, ” Dc into the back of 2 sc”. WHICH 2 sc crotchets does that mean??? Can you please enlighten me?
    Many, many thanks.

  33. Hi from Texas, Hannah! I love this little turkey! It is the cutest one I have ever seen! I would love to make some for my grandchildren in time for Thanksgiving. I have one all made except for the wings! I too am having trouble with that same part as others have commented after the triple crochets. The only 2 sc stitches are at the other end,( the beginning of the wing)not close to the current position of the hook..do I fold the wing over, turn it, or what? It already looks like a “wing” after the triple crochets, so I am having trouble figuring it out. Thank you so very much for this pattern and any help you can give is greatly appreciated! It’s so frustrating to get to the end and not be able to do the little wing! The head and body and tail came out great!
    Best regards,

  34. This is fantastic. My family is from Portland Oregon but we now live in Melbourne, Australia where we have a [growing] group of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year. I’m definitely making this little guy for my Mum!

  35. I am making this for my friends who’s last name is… wait for it… Gobble! Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  36. this is a very cute pattern. i am in the process of finishing up now and the only thing is the tail seems to be off. ive tried it four times and get the same result each time. the stitches are off. i can never get them to end at the first stitch, im just kind of playing with it to see if i can make it work. so far so good!

  37. […] 10. Thanksgiving Turkey Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – by Hannah Kaminsky of Bittersweetblog.wordpress.com – Gobble gobble!! This adorable little guy would make a fun present to your young one, or to yourself. Pattern includes easy instructions and close up photos. Add it to your Ravelry queue here: Thanksgiving Turkey Amigurumi Crochet Pattern […]

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