Heard It Through the Grape Vine

Many months back, I was browsing through a local jewelry store when I came across some funky crocheted beads and instantly thought, “Hey, I can do that!” Well, thinking and doing are two different things, so for a long time this idea was kept on the back burner, since I don’t know many people who would wear such a large and colorful necklace. Even after going out and buying wooden beads to crochet around, nothing more came of it for weeks and months on end.

Finally, nearing the end of my project list and searching around in desperation for something to make, I rediscovered my earlier purchase. I aimlessly made a handful in purple, and then spent another good chunk of time wondering what to do with them now. In this way, I learned that it can be extremely difficult to finish a project when you’re not exactly sure what you’re hoping the end outcome will be.

Strangely enough, the grocery store has been a good place for inspiration lately. Picking over some grapes in the produce section, I glanced over beyond my typical choice (Seedless red grapes) and noticed how very large and round the seeded variety are. After fitting the pieces together, let’s just say I shopped as quick as I could, rushing home to uncover those forgotten crocheted beads.

Don’t they fit in perfectly with the other fruits? Sure these are a bit darker than your typical grape, but this is what I had on hand, so show me you have better color sense than I do and make your own in a more appropriate shade! But hey, atleast I hadn’t originally made blue or black beads in the beginning… That would have made for one scary looking bunch of grapes.

Using an E hook and worsted weight yarn in purple you will be making two different sizes of grapes. The first is made with a…

2 Cm Wooden Bead [Make 5]

Sc8 into ring
*Sc1, sc2 into 1 st* around
*Sc1, sc2 into 1 st* around
Sc around, 3x
[Insert bead]
*Sc1, sc2tog* around
*Sc1, sc2tog* around
Cut thread, gather remaining stitches together and pull tight, fastening off and leaving a long tail.

1.5 Cm Wooden Bead [Make 7]

Sc6 into circle
*Sc1, sc2 into 1 st* around
*Sc1, sc2 into 1 st* around
Sc around, 2x
[Insert bead]
*Sc1, sc2tog*
*Sc1, sc2tog*
Cut yarn leaving a long tail, gather remaining stitches together and pull tight.


Ch10, sc into 2nd stitch from hook, sc twice more, dc 3 times, tc twice, and then 4 tc into the last stitch
Continue around and on the opposite side, tc twice, dc 3 times, sc twice
Cut yarn and sl st through final stitch


Okay, this is a little bit tricky and I’m not sure if I can fully explain it in a comprehensible manner.

What I did first was arrange the larger beads into positions that I thought looked alright, and then tied them together at the top. I then proceeded to tie the other smaller beads between the larger ones, allowing them more or less space to hang below. As my bunch of grapes grew, I continued tying the remaining small beads to the other small ones already attached.

Continue until you use up all of your beads, and weave ends into the sides EXCEPT for the ones up top. Tie the leaf around the ends at the top to secure. Finally, I twisted all of the remaining loose ends of yarn together and sealed them with a thin coat of mod-podge to form the stem. Let dry and enjoy the new addition to your fruit bowl!

28 thoughts on “Heard It Through the Grape Vine

  1. Lovely! I’ve been gathering knit and crochet patterns for fruit and vegetables. I plan on filling my mothers large crystal bowl with what I make, and these will look perfect with everything else, thanks!

  2. Love the grapes! I’m collecting fruit and vegetable patterns for a Horn of Plenty that my daughter puts out every fall, and for a large crystal bowl on her living room table.
    Beautiful pattern!

  3. Thank you so very much for the pattern. I am a single mom of two boys so money is tight and I have a little boy who just loves to play kitchen/restaurant/picnic/etc.. So far he has done well pretending with what toys he has but he so very much wants a kitchen and food to play with. I can’t believe how much plastic pretend food costs. Anyways, this pattern will help to make my son’s wish come true. Thank you again.

  4. FINALLY! i have been searching forever for a suitable grape pattern! i found it!! i am going to make this tomorrow! cant wait!

    1. Hi Lizze,

      No; you’re welcome to use the finished item as a gift or in craft swaps, but I would appreciate it if you didn’t sell it for profit, as I’ve made the pattern itself free.

      Thanks for understanding!

  5. This is wonderful! I have a grape theme in my kitchen and new to crocheting, but I want to give it a try. Anything you might want to add to starting out?


  6. Awesome! I think a whole bowl full of different crochet fruit will be so much fun to make. I will be featuring and linking back in my blog so readers can come visit!

  7. How very cute and generous of you to share with the crochet community! I plan on making these for my 2 y.o. granddaughter who’s already practicing her grocery shopping skills. Has any one tried using scraps of fiberfill instead of wooden beads? I have so many small pieces leftover from previous projects and would rather recycle what I have vs spend the $ on additional materials. I do know those “white fuzzies” can stubbornly refuse to be tucked in. Just wondering if anyone has had success with that option. Thanks again!!

  8. HAHAHAHA! I am STILL finding you on Pinterest Ms Hannah. This time in a conglomeration of “purple food patterns”. Great grape pattern by the way :)

    1. I’m just pleased as punch to know that my old patterns are still turning up on your searches of the vast interweb! I swear, those posts are still what bring in the most page views… If only I still had the time or patience to make new patterns. That would really bring the readers back in droves, it seems.

  9. I honestly feel like I’m missing something. Crafting the balls were easy enough but I’m not understanding at all how to put them together to look like a cluster, rather than just a bunch of balls with strings attached. All the strings showing is unattractive, though in your picture they are all hidden. Ni can’t seem to get mine to look that way. :/

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