Don’t you just hate it when there’s that one certain thing you want, that you’ve been thinking of and pining for all day, and then discovering that it’s no where to be found? Whether it be a specific food, ball of yarn, book, what have you, the unsatisfied desire feels completely crushing. A space that will not and can not be filled. Perhaps I’m getting a bit over dramatic, but I know that not a single person can honestly say that they have never gotten their hopes up and been disappointed when they fall short.

Luckily, the story of my new friend today goes nothing like that. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!

Like most newly born critters of mine, fresh off the hook, my little hamster friend had an intense craving for – What else – Sunflower seeds. With none to be found, I scavenged the kitchen, trying to persuade him to try a similar treat like I usual must when dealing with company of the yarn-based variety. Truly, they can be so demanding! And who could really refuse such soft, acrylic creatures, with their sad plastic eyes baiting you on?

This one, however, would have none of it. No other seeds or nuts would suffice – It was sunflower seeds or nothing. Despairing at my barren kitchen cupboard, he scurried away to be outside and sulk, finding nothing more depressing than a world without his food of choice.

Feeling that the day had already been ruined he slowly paced the patio when out of no where…

Who could have imagined! One lone sunflower seed for the taking! What luck, what fate! It was almost as if someone had simply left it there purposely for him to find… But that’s crazy talk, right? He couldn’t fathom who would have even hear his anguished cries, let alone do such a thing…

The best he could convince himself of was that it was meant to be. This was something that he had needed, even if he could have made it through the day without, his mind told him that it was more than a mere want, but really in innate need. As the song goes, “You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need.”

He held onto that seed with all his might, making sure that the area was secure and that he had this marvelous find all to himself. After a brief glance around, he needed no more reassurance and savored ever last piece of his sunflower seed, nibbling it slowly as if there would never be another scrap of food to fill his stomach for as long as he lived.

Of course, the very next day he just happened to awake next to a rather large bag just bulging at the seams, filled to the very brink with sunflower seeds.

It is only human to have cravings, for whatever it might be that strikes your fancy. And I suppose, it might even be animal nature, too.

6 thoughts on “Cravings

  1. Too cute! I am so glad he “found” a sunflower seed, drives me nuts when I can’t find what I’m looking for.

  2. you = the cutest thing ever.

    i love your little creations and adorable stories. you are so creative, hannah. you’re gonna make it somewhere big some day- you really are. your potential is astoundingly endless.

    hang tight & keep fighting.

    love, sarah

  3. Your hamster and the story are both adorable! You are such a good writer on top of your crafting ability.

  4. OMG! My son is a Hamtaro/hamster fanatic. We have one, Molly, a golden (we had Hammi, a Panda, but she went to the Faeries this summer). I must know how to make this adorable critter. Help? Please? I’m willing to barter. For… something.

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