Everybody’s Doing It

I had been on the lookout for some fingerless gloves recently, wanting a little more warmth for autumn, but not going as far as thick winter gloves. That would be a bit of overkill, seeing as the temperature has only begun to drop anyway.

I almost settled on just a plain, straight knit tube with a thumb-hole for lack of a better patter, but then I looked around and saw that just about every one else was casting on for fetching from Knitty.com. Liking the design much more than my original choice, I quickly did an about face and took out my cable needles.

They knit up very fast; It only took me about a day or so to complete both gloves. I really like the fact that the cuff fits snugly without any need for additional shaping. These cozy companions are knit again in Caron’s Simply Soft Shadows, this time in “Moss” green. I love the way the colors twist and change differently in each glove. This would drive some people insane, I’m sure, who obsess over having matching color variegation, striping… The whole nine yards. In my personal opinion, I like this a lot better, because not only does it save a lot of time (And possibly yarn), but I feel it makes them each more unique.

Near the end, I’ll admit I got a bit lazy though, and opted to just bind off normally instead of making the picots at the end. No damage done, right? Oh, and I realized when I was about done that I had actually twisted the cables in the opposite directions, but who really cares. I won’t tell if you won’t.

13 thoughts on “Everybody’s Doing It

  1. Actually, the cables are supposed to twist in opposite directions for the left and right hands … so you’re cool. I think it is nice that you have the colors varying the way they do. Very pretty. I just knit these in Berroco ultra alpaca a couple of weeks ago and I am getting lots of wear out of them. They are great for driving, for knitting, for typing … or just sitting and cuddling with my husband on the sofa during TV.


  2. Those turned out wonderfully — I’ve never seen that yarn locally, but I like it!

    And, yes, the cables are supposed to cross in opposite directions so the two gloves mirror each other. They look so great.

  3. Bittersweet. . .the caron yarn is absolutely stunning. . .best pair I’ve seen so far 8-) You’re right, there are a lot of them out there. But what the he**. There are a lot of knitting blogs out there, after all. Enjoy your toasty warm hands

  4. hannah! yayyy! your freeeeee! hows it feel? are you doing ok? let me know how you are. and give me your email address again cuz i think i have it wrong. i hope your well and your blog is absolutly amazing!!

  5. Wow these are beautiful. I’m not sure I could knit these up as fast as you, so I’m a little in awe. Love the yarn too, I just saw this line of yarn in the store recently and have been circling it, think now I’ll have to give it a whirl.

  6. The gloves are so cool. I miss seeing all of your creations! I hope you are doing well and I’m glad you are back at home. I miss you! E-mail me.

  7. aww, hannah angel, these are so adorable!! you’re absolutely amazing. honestly…you are so freaking talented.

    you have to let me know how your……date………went saturday! haha lemme know, hun!! love & miss you. you’re in my thoughts.

    all my love and recovery support, sarah

  8. Wow – you got hit with a comment bomb!

    I think what Hannah is saying is that she knit the twists in the wrong direction. They are supposed to cross over towards the thumb.

    They look gorgeous anyway, and YKW? I forgot to make mine in opposite directions. I don’t think anyone will notice.

    I like the color variations!

  9. Ooohh so pretty! I actually have that yarn but in the red shade. I want to make something similar to these too but I don’t knit so I’ll have to find something crochet. Great job!

  10. Those are really sweet. I made myself a couple of paris of fingerless gloves last year, but I’m not as talented as you so mine were just the tube with the thumb hole…
    Thanks for linking to the pattern, I may just try those this year.

  11. Those are beautiful! I love that each glove is unique. I might give them a shot. I need a project to give me a day or two off of Clapotis!

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