Monkey See, Monkey Bundle Up

The winds are now changing and the sun is beginning to turn in for bed earlier and earlier each evening. Despite the fact that it’s still so warm out, the signs of autumn are becoming more prominent with every passing day. It seems like everyone’s already bundling up, pulling their jackets out of storage and dusting off those warmer shirts and sweaters.

Just the other day, in fact, a friend of mine was preparing to run off on an errand, when he saw just how uninviting the overcast day was looking. Better safe than sorry, he through on his good trousers and a sturdy hat for good measure before facing the fierce winds.

A fan of autumn like myself, he took it in stride and saw it as a heartening sign of the changing seasons. I can’t wait to pull my own warmer garb, although it could still be a while. Most people would want to be naturally warm, but it sadens me that it take so much for me to actually feel cold enough to put on a coat! I love layers and heavy clothes, but unless it’s close to snowing, I’m often feel hot enough to bake bread beneath those garments!

Getting back to my small friend, he did express some worry about not actually owning any shirts… It was fine in the summer, but now feels a bit awkward, setting out in the nippy mornings, sporting a pair of trousers but no top. I promised we could work out a deal, because I doubt that a shirt for his size would take much longer than an hour.

It’s a good thing he has me around this time of year – Imagine standing at the bus stop completely topless by the time winter rolls around!

4 thoughts on “Monkey See, Monkey Bundle Up

  1. your crochet is always so cute! it makes me want to learn to crochet even more! (but i always have too many knitting projects going!)

  2. I started on the elephant you have a few posts below (in your crochet section anyway). Can I ask a hint? How do you go about stitch marking for the rounds? I’m using a contrasting bit of thread, but I seem to be spending an awful lot of time unpicking and moving it…

  3. oh wow, this monkey is amazing, oh how i wish you would share the pattern.
    great job! i love all your amigurumi creations.

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