Not So Ugly Duckling

These days, I believe that far too much emphasis is placed on one’s looks. Models provide unreal expecations for women to attempt to live up to, but no one even has second thoughts about their authenticity. The beauty that the mass market has produced is not only so extreme that no average person could ever come close, but the fact is that it doesn’t even exist. Every poster, every last ad, the models are airbrushed to death. Not even they look that good in real life.

Now I may be going off on a bit of a tangent, but I honestly wish that people wouldn’t be so quick to judge and label others based on outward appearance. When I found a crochet pattern titled “The Ugly Duckling,” I was expecting some grotesque mass of yarn in dark, dirty colors with perhaps an awkward yellow beak poking out. Driven mainly by curiousity, I went to go check it out, and discovered a stuffed animal that was anything but “ugly.”

Sure, her beak might be a bit large, but nothing begging for plastic surgery. She may have large feet, but they’re nothing to hide in shoes and feel embarrassed about. This sweet duckling knows the pain of rejection and being called names, but she doesn’t care. She and I both know how beautiful she really is, and that confidence is perhaps the most beautiful aspect of all.

I know it’s a bit of a far cry to be comparing a stuffed animal to the mass media, but it was all I could think of as I held the finished duckling in my hand. No, we’re not perfect, but that doesn’t mean a single one of us should ever aquire the demeaning and hurtful label of being “ugly.”

As a small after-note, I’m happy to hear that in Madrid, they are now banning models that are underweight. It’s a small step foward, but a sure sign that the times are changing, and hopefully for the best.

7 thoughts on “Not So Ugly Duckling

  1. thanks for this beautifully written post. it really touched me. i too wish that the media would stop putting such an emphasis on “fake” beauty and looks in general like you stated. it seems like only yesterday our society stopped judging people by the color of their skin. how much longer until they stop judging the amount of skin, or what is on it or jutting out of it ? i can only hope to see it during my lifetime.

    i love your blog and every single one of your posts. i wish there were more people like you in the world. *hug*

  2. I agree with speedvegan, this is a beautifully written post. And of course I love your Ugly Duckling, she is adorable. I must confess, I feel a certain kinship towards her, as I too have a a big beak(nose) and feet that will never be reffered to as dainty. Power to all the “ugly” duckies! :)

  3. Would love to have this pattern. The link for ‘The Ugly Duckling” does not work for me. If possible, please email directions. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! The Ugly Duckling is so special! I had just that very thing in mind to make for my first grandchild that is due this Fall. The link will not open—“unavailable”. Is there any chance you could e-mail me the pattern directions? I would be so grateful! Thanks for treating me to such wonderful crochet projects and Blog comments.

  5. I have just discovered blogs and amigurumi-what excitment! Alas, the link to the ugly duckling pattern is unavailable but I just need to make one.Before I grew up and moved to the city I had pet ducks, how lovely would a cute pet like the ugly duck be?The pattern would truly be loved and appreciated!

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