It’s Raining Dogs

You’d think that by now I’d have made dog amigurumis in ever color of the rainbow, every breed and mix and mutt imaginable, but no! I found another canine to create, although this one isn’t a specific breed that I can descern. Not that I mind – It could be a pile of poo, and as long as it’s cute, it will find a place in my heart and time on my hook.

Getting back to the pup at hand, I discovered this free pattern a handful of days ago via Kat Crochet. There are a number of other cute animals to be found here, and I believe these are all (Or atleast mostly) patterns translated from Japanese to English. While I would prefer the diagrams that Japanese instructions so frequently utilize, I can still work my way around the written directions that were so thoughtfully provided.

The .pdf file includes templates for a number of other cute accessories that can be made of felt; Sweet little slippers, a bone… I just went with the little bib, because I wouldn’t want my poor guy to face the blog world completely naked, afterall. The felt pieces are supposed to be hand sewn, I assume, but I just find this practice so tedious and ineffective – The piece either falls appart,or the stitches look horrendous – That I just find it a lot easier to pull out my fabric glue and smear a couple globs across.

Once fully assembled and clothed, my mutt whined incessantly about his desire to run free through the wild. Unfortunately, being currently situated in a cement-choked city, the closest I could come was the little planter on the balcony. I’m not sure that this fully satisfied his beastly instincts, but he still was able to appreciate the fresh air. This one’s not really the outdoors-y type, either, much prefering to curl up on the sofa, warm beneath his felt bib. He’s just a softie, anyways.

…Now, if I could find a pattern for that crocheted poo…

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