Minature Dogs

The opinion about smaller dogs seems to be clearly divided into two groups of thought; Either people find thing adorable and treat them like tiny little dolls [Which is about where I fall on the scale], or people hate them, spewing those careless, off-hand comments about how one irritated masochist or something just wants to kick little yappy dogs. I’m sure you’ve all heard this statement thrown around atleast once before. What would ever make people feel like this? To start with, anyone who feels so much animosity towards the smallest of all canines have some truly damaged psyche. But really, I can’t get enough of dogs that fit into the palm of your hand, or are small enough to be classified as “teacup” anything.

Going beyond teacup, I think I can do you one better. Maybe it should be call a “shot-glass” breed? “Espresso cup”? This is starting to sound stupid, but I’m pretty sure my version is a good deal smaller than a teacup breed.

Friendly and excitable as anything, my new companion could be one of the smallest dog I ever encounter. He’s less than 3 inches tall, but my, does he have a big personality! Curious like a cat, he finds a way to get into everything. I turn my back for one minute to grab my camera, and I find him peeking out of the garbage bin with a guilty look on his face. With those sad puppy eyes though, I think he could talk his way out of any situation. How could you ever punish something so cute! It’s just his inquizitive nature, I’m sure he didn’t mean to spill trash all over the floor, pee on the carpets, eat my sock…

Okay, I can understand how a creature of such high energy could wear on some people. It takes patience and dedication to keep them happy, and above all else, prevent them from destroying every fragile item in the house.

He can certainly be a troublemaker, a downright demon! But even after all his acts of indesgression, all he really wants at the end of the day is a hug.

How could you stay mad at that?

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  1. I saw that pic and thought “Baroo?” (a la cuteoverload). He’s adorable! I used to live with a 3.7 lb Chihuahua, so SO tiny and cute and silly. I miss her.

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