Ginger Bread? No, Ginger Bran

While I made these muffins a number of months ago, I still remember how quickly they went from a pleasant little breakfast treat to an addictive substance. Seriously, these things are so good, they should be made illegal. Before you know it, kids will be selling them on the streets for insane prices, getting high on muffins in their bedrooms, needing hospitalization from a muffin-overdose…

Okay, perhaps they weren’t that good… But I did thoroughly enjoy them. Again, from Vegan With A Vengence, (Maybe I should get a new cookbook?) and perhaps my favorite muffin recipe of theirs thus far. I’m a sucker for anything with cinnamon and ginger, and I suppose I do have a bit of a weird fetish for fiber. It’s not entirely unusual for me to down a full two and a half bowls of All Bran Extra Fiber… Which happens to be about 400% of your recomended daily fiber… Er, I’m not weird! No! I just like my bran, okay?!

Mmm… Fiber…

Anyway… As for the recipe, the only thing I took issue with were the raisins. I don’t hate raisins… I just wasn’t in a raisin-y mood. Instead, I chopped up a good handful of crystalized ginger in their place. I also decided to flip the measurements for the cinnamon and ginger, using more former than the latter, figuring that it should get enough of a kick from the chunks of crystalized ginger anyways.

The crumb was very fine and moist, not as heavy as most bran-products I’ve sampled. Definitely an excellent middle-ground for someone wanting a healthier breakfast option, but not wanting to renounce good taste in the proccess.

So if you’ve previously decided to renounce bran and label it as “crunchy granola” healthy, not something you’d really want to consume, give these babies a shot. You may even forget that they’re not just regular spiced muffins. Trust me, your stomach, and colon will thank you, too.

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