Back to Basics

Hundreds upon thousands of glittering glass beads call to me from their tiny little plastic recipticals perched atop my book case. How my hands itch to grab crazily and pull random colors, stringing them up into fantastic designs. And yet…

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a serious beading project now. While I’d love to just take the plunge and attempt some intricate lacy pattern, I think it may just end in a whole mess of tangled threads and all of the hundreds of thousand seed beads on the floor. Hoping to preempt this hiroshima in bead-form, I carefully picked through my collection and picked out some of the cheapest, bulkiest plastic numbers I’ve got.

A very simple one-shot deal: A medium chain with large spherical pink and white beads threaded through eyepins, topped off with black seed beads, all crimped and cut short at the end. Not my usual racket, but a very enjoyable venture. I guess I had been taking my crafting a bit too seriously, so it was very refreshing to ease back into beadwork and do something more bulky and fun.

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. oooo I love love love this bracelet…I have a sister in law that would rip that off my wrist if I wore it…wonderful”!

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