Hot Hot… Penguin?

When I was younger, I had adored penguins – On a whim, I once decided to help my sister 'become' a genuine penguin by coloring her entire body with crayola crayons… Only to discover the flaw in our plan when half way through the black sections, we discovered it was becoming impossible to erase. Through disappointment, I swore up and down that I would have one as a pet when I had my own place.

Of course, as a child I never understood that penguins only lived in the arctic because they actually need the cold climate to live… Honestly, why would such a silly thought occur to my simple, undeveloped mind? Anyway, I suppose such a crazy though would lead to a less than desirable conundrum…

Oh, the poor little baby! I found him melting away on my back porch, crying out for shelter from the sweltering heat of midday. How could I not take pity on the situation – So far from home and comfort, with only painful blisters to await him in the future? I offered an open door to the air conditioned kitchen, and no sooner than I undid the latch than he sprinted inside… Straight for the freezer, no less!

I was cheered to see him reviving a bit, lying on top of my frozen vegetables and spare sticks of margarine, but I quickly realized that unless I wanted to loose all the cold air in the fridge, I would need to evacuate my little vistor, fast. But what was I to do, let him perish outside in the sun? Stuggling to regain my composure and clear thinking, I saw the solution to all these problems sitting right next to the penguin himself!

Yes, the blue ice! So I helped him get situated in a nice spot in the shade, finding a place with the nicest breeze, and handed him an ice pack to lean against. Although it wasn't perfect, he thanked me profusely, as he was able to make it through what had seemed like a deadly summer day. Even after the crisis had passed, I kept an eye on him to make sure he would survive on his own, and I'm happy to report that all went well, and he has now found a permanent (Hopefully much cooler!) home to call his own.

(…And I have even gotten requests for another penguin already!)

5 thoughts on “Hot Hot… Penguin?

  1. I love penguins, too! I love how this little guy matches the blue ice pack. They must have been made for each other. :)

    Good luck with finals!

  2. Great penguin!! I have a friend whose birthday is coming up soon, who adores penguins. Would it be possible to get the patterns for this cutie? I am from Denmark, and we don’t get many great patterns here…

  3. Dagmar –

    I’m so sorry, I would love to share but I got this pattern from a Japanese amigurumi book. If you’re interested in buying it, the penguin is from volume 4 and you can probably find it on ebay. I wish I could be more helpful than that, but I don’t want to enfringe on any copyrights by reproducing it here.

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