Most Popular Primate

No, your eyes do not decieve you, and this isn't another photo dump of the same old projects long done; Unbelievable but true, this is my 3rd amigurumi monkey.

Look at this guy, just grinning away because he's got probably the brownest banana in the house. They are sweeter, you know… But I was really just bored by the time I had to embroider his face, so I got a bit lazy and just gave up when it looked half way right. Other than that, the only other changes this time around were found in the fiber – Cotton Sugar 'n Cream, in a slightly brighter shade of purple this time.

After making the same damn pattern 3 times in less than a month now, with absolutely no variation, I don't think I can honor any more requests for them, atleast for a while. I don't know why people keep asking me for them anyways!! I've gotta learn to say no…

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