Berry Summery Necklace

For once, a search of my local library actually yeilded a book of some interest! A rare occassion indeed; It's such a small collection of books, organized very poorly or not at all, I never walk in with much hope for actually finding a specific title. The only time that it usually satisfies my desire for printed text is when I just want a reading book, any reading book, and have the time to just browse through the new selections.

Sadly… I have already returned this particular treasure, and I can't recall the exact title. I believe it had something to do with 'Beaded Acessories' and had a purple spine… but I can't be 100% sure. Anyway, I'll probably have to hunt it down again, there are so many interesting projects, ideas, and just useful techniques.

What really caught my eye was the concept of a beaded raspberry. How cute! Easy enough to make, just really tedious. I think that my berries each used about 40 – 50 seed beads… It took a very long time just to accumulate enough finished raspberries to make something. I sketched out a few ideas and settled on the finished product you see here. I'm actually rather proud of this original design, because it's more complex than I usually have the patience to put together.

I had planned on making a choker, just because I have a certain bias towards them, but when the chain went on it became a bit long, so it turned into a short necklace. No matter, it's still just as nice, in my opinion. Ha, I guess I finally found those illusive raspberries after all, huh? Too bad these aren't nearly as tasty, and would probably hurt your teeth. I think you'd be better off if you just wear them around your neck instead.

5 thoughts on “Berry Summery Necklace

  1. Oh, this is incredible! I hope you do find out the name of the book so you can share it with us!

  2. After searching for a while for these raspberries, I finally found a book that had a version of them. It’s a really beautiful bead book called The Art of Beadwork

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