Cozy Apples

When I first started knitting this, I might have admitted to feeling a bit silly – After all, what kind of crazy person knits sweaters for apples?

But I soon saw the benifits once my red Fuji apple was comfortably nestled inside.  Now, whenever I pack a lunch to take to school, I don't need to waste plastic wrap on these guys; I've got a reusable cover!  So it's nice on the environment, on top of looking cute (Which is probably its most prominent feature)!

It was knit with my favorite dirt-cheap acrylic stuff on #9 DPN.  The pattern called for 8's, but I didn't actually have any, so I figured that Fuji's [My favorite!] were rather large anyways.  The cozy did come out a little bit too big, but it still functions as intented just fine.  It might be more like an apple pouch for different varieties… But who cares!  Still cute!

You can get the free pattern so kindly rewritten at  It was originally brainstormed in Knittorama, but my experience with that book has been… Less than rewarding.  Thank goodness someone took the time to make it work in the round.  Why on earth would you knit this thing flat by choice?!  I don't think I really want to make anything else from that particular text until it has been amended, thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Cozy Apples

  1. Oh. My. God. That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time. And functional too! I might have to make one. (Fujis are my favorite too.)

  2. Oh man. What if you added a strap, or an I-cord or something so you could tie it to your back or put it over your shoulder or just dangle it from your wrist? So cute.

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