Cat Nap

Aw… Such a sound sleeper… Even at 4 in the afternoon after a busy day at work, I walk into my room to find this snoozing beast in my bed. Not a worry in the world, just drifting away across the realm of dreams…

…How thoroughly jealous I am. These days, there's barely enough time for me to get a decent amount of sleep at night, let alone a nap?! Unheard of in my book! Well, I'll just let him be and hope that his tendancy toward a good rest rub off on me, just a little.

Yes, the ever-popular amineko. Honestly, how could I resist? So my embroidery could still use some work, but I think I got the sheepish / sleepy kitten grin down alright despite my lack of skill. As for the specifics, I used an F hook with Bernat Super Saver acrylic yarn. Wonderfully cheap stuff, as long as you aren't making any wearbles – It's not particularly soft, and is therefore best suited for stuffed animals and the like.

If you're interested in making your own, there's a crochet-along at where you can share progress, experiences, and questions about the pattern. There's also an alternate pattern out there that I wouldn't want to discredit, but I have no idea how different two are, or if one is better than the other. Now, get to work so we can all have a nice long cat nap together with our aminekos!

2 thoughts on “Cat Nap

  1. Wow, you must crochet *super-fast* ! I don’t know how you keep churning them out so quickly, but great job on the Neko.

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