Funky Mushrooms

On friday at school, I attempted to decifer more of my amigurumi book and brought it in to ask sensei what a few kanji were – It turns out that one of these little toys has a squeeker inside!  Can you get any cuter?  Anyway, it caused somewhat of a pandemonium among the girls.  After glimsing inside at the unbearably adorable pictures, almost everyone wanted their own.  Seeing as this could help to alieviate my weekend boredom, I decided to take down their requests and give it a shot.  24 hours later, the very first amigurumi was born; A kinda funky looking mushroom.

When I first scanned through the patterns, I hadn't even considered making it.  Why?  I don't know… It just seemed a little… Weird.  But it shouldn't be written off like that; Some of the best things [and people] in life are more than just a little weird.  So I plunged in.

Thankfully, you can't really see it, but when I had almost finished the mushroom cap… I ran out of yarn!  Normally not a cause for panic, but you see, this was "vintage" yarn, from my mother's old stash.  So I had to search for the next best match, which was still slightly off, but I suppose I ran out in exactly the right place.  The new yarn starts on the underside of the cap, so you really can't tell.  I hope.  (Humor me?)

Once completed, my little mushroom got so excited upon looking out the window, he demanded to be let out to enjoy the day.  I was weary, but thought it could do no harm anyway…

He seemed so happy and contented out there!  Mushrooms  generally prefer shade over sunshine, but like I said, this was a slightly funky mushroom.  After watching carefully for a few minutes, he appear to be fine, and so I turned back inside and began preparing for the next amigurumi.  That's when I heard his cries, and my heart sunk.

"Help me, there's some monster out here!!"  The frightened mushroom whimpered.  I quickly dropped my crochet hook and ran to his aid, depressingly and impossibly knotting my yarn in the process.

Luckily, it turned out there was no monster, only Isis.  And seeing as she doesn't like to eat mushrooms (One of the great mysteries of the world, seeing as she would eat slugs if given the chance), there was no real danger.  This did not placate the mushroom, though.  For hours after his "close encounter," he complained of pain and needed constant attention and pampering to heal his "wounds."

Poor baby.

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