It’s a Dog’s Life

Wait a minute, what’s this? You say it’s your birthday again? But… You’re still my little puppy, chewing through my most expensive skeins of yarn, playfully destroying the contents of my bathroom closet like always. Nothing has changed since the day we brought you back from Virginia… Except, maybe, now your ears are slightly more proportionate to the rest of your head.

Oh Isis, how silly you are! As you can see, it’s simply not possible for this day to mark the passage of 9 years since you were brought into this world.

Nonetheless, it is still a very special day, and after all we’ve been through together, you deserve something to celebrate. A new toy? No, you just finished shredding a plastic hair-dye applicator from my toiletries. A play date? No, you don’t seem to enjoy playing with the other dogs on our street, and I don’t believe the fox in our backyard is avaliable right now. A treat? Yes, of course, there’s never a wrong time for a treat!

This year, I went all out. A mouth-watering cake, wonderfully suited for your tastes and nutritional needs. But who cares what’s in it, you know perfectly well that your food is meant to be consumed the minute it enters your bowl, so I’ll let you at it!

As you can see, Isis went into such a frenzy when she got her birthday cake, I couldn’t even get a clear picture of her eating it! I’m not even sure she took the time to chew!

Now, while some people may think that this is a bit excessive, I believe that it is only fair. Honestly, how many cakes and treats do I make for everyone else? And for her? Close to none. All that dry kibble… I feel horrible that I don’t have enough time to cook her meals from real food, because trust me, I’d love to if I had the proper means. I only wish I could have done more. For all of the times she’s sat at my bedside while I was sick, listened when no one else would, and destroyed my personal belongings, no one on this earth could compare. She deserves only best.

So why not treat you beloved companion animal on their birthdays, too? It hardly take any effort, and the recipe even makes two little cakes, so you can enjoy it along with them should you wish!


Happy Birthday, Isis! You’ll always be my little puppy.

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