Got Soymilk?

I'm not sure what the rule is with double-dipping when it comes to knit cookies…


But I say you should just go for it!  This sweet little Oreo, Newman O, or what-have-you, is so brainless to whip up, I don't even remember how long it took me to complete.  Knit entirely in garter stitch, I can't imagine it too much over 1 hour.  Trying to photograph it, I had so much fun, I took about 10 individual pictures that I wish I could use here… But I figured that would kinda be overkill.

See for yourself, these sandwich-creme cookies are irrisistable, and you can find a fantastically detailed tutorial on, complete with pictures and diagrams of almost every step.


So pour yourself a tall glass of frothy soymilk, and get knitting! 

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