Peach of Perfection

The permanent nature of conventional cookbooks is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, there’s some wiggle room for updated editions with future editions, but once those first pages are printed, they’re set in place, bound together for life. Those original words will never change, no matter how many trends come and go. Sure, if the stars are aligned, you can pray for reprints to correct errors, though that’s the real extent of it. We’re not talking about massive renovations here.

Letting go of the project and officially marking it “finished” is a relief. As a freelancer who juggles scores of assignments at once, being able to put even one of those bouncing balls down is downright freeing. Finally, a bit of breathing room, more bandwidth for other ventures! Though daunting to relinquish that control, it does feel good to let loose a completed volume of recipes upon the world.

With every cookbook, inevitably, there’s something that doesn’t make the cut. When ideas keep flowing but deadlines loom, leftover recipes are unavoidable. Such is the case for Super Vegan Scoops! with these stunning Peachy Keen Nectarine Crème Brulees that simply showed up too late for the party.

Almost laughably simple in construction, the rich, deep flavors that result are dead serious. Employing melted ice cream in the custard, it’s a perfect example of the wacky and wonderful ways that the base of a frozen dessert reaches even loftier culinary heights outside of the churn.

Super Vegan Scoops! officially hits shelves tomorrow, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Stay tuned to the blog and social media for more fun extras, tweaks, and celebratory events!

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