Batting a Thousand

For a soft-spoken gal with a powerful fear of public speaking, one thousand posts is a stunning, if not downright shocking, milestone. Who knew I had so much to say in the first place? Strung together in bits and pieces, wedged between questionable punctuation, and tucked around photos and recipes, it’s taken an unbelievable number of words to glue this little blog together. Ironically, I’m having trouble verbalizing what all of those words mean to me, and the fact that anyone would take the time to read them all.

Can you feel the love?

That’s why, on this 1000th post, I want you to do the talking. Tell me about anything you’d like, be it about blogs in general, things you’ve enjoyed on this blog (Have you made my recipes? Tried my craft patterns? Call me a narcissist, but I love hearing about that!) or just what’s on your mind at the moment. Free choice! In exchange, I want to share with you my biggest giveaway yet…

The email marketing provider Little Green Plane has given me 6 x $25 vouchers to give away. For those playing along at home, that’s a total of $150 up for grabs! Though you’re free to choose anything your heart desires, I might suggest that it’s the perfect amount to snag one of my current cookbooks, or pre-order the latest to complete your collection (I can dream, right?)

To reward all you faithful regulars, this will be a speed-round contest. It will run only through the weekend, until Midnight EST on Sunday, April 22nd, with the six (!) winners announced shortly thereafter. Just make sure you enter a valid email address so that I can get in touch, and do me the favor of only entering once per person. It makes it so much easier to determine the winners via the all-knowing random number generator.