An Obsession with All Things Handmade and Home-Cooked


Wordless Wednesday: I Like Big Buns and I Can Not Lie

Single Amy Burger from Amy’s Drive Through

No No Classic from No No Burger

VHS Sandwich from Analog

The Vegetarian Sandwich (Veganized) from Samovar

Veggie Burger from Super Duper Burger

Tofu Banh Mi from Duc Loi Supermarket


Silent Sunday: Let’s Do Brunch

Sanctuary Omelet from Sanctuary Bistro

Maple Baked Beans with Sunny Side Fried Tofu from Sanctuary Bistro

Ranchero Tofu Scram with Biscuits and Fruit from Urban Fish

Rosarita Scramble From Saturn Cafe

Socca Crepe from Grease Box

Sourdough Beignets with Prickly Pear-Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam from Millennium

Tofu Scramble with Hash Browns and Toast from Vault Cafe and Restaurant

Chickpea Frittata from Seed + Salt

“Like a Vegan” Ratatouille Crepe from Galette 88