Losing my Mind, and Socks

Waking up a half past ten, my eyes flicked open in panic upon learning the bad news from the digital clock near my head. Stumbling hurriedly out of bed and flinging some clothes on, I knew I would have to seriously rush if I was to make into work on time. Although it’s so close to the house that I could practically walk it, it seemed as though every minute was speeding past in a matter of seconds. With the clocks conspiring to make me late on my first day back on the job, my mind was still filled with sleep sand that I couldn’t quite see through the haze. I need to brush my teeth! Why hasn’t the coffee been made yet? Where were my socks??

Of course, I have more than one pair of socks… It just didn’t occur to me that there was a second option. Wearing only one knee-high, striped sock with my disheveled ensemble and rat’s nest of hair, I would have passed as the village idiot far better than someone on their way to work at a restaurant. Now bordering on panic, drawers of shirts and pants and even stationery were torn out of their dressers, ravaged and taken apart, and yet the match to my sock was no where to be found. Realizing how ridiculous this was as the coffee began to kick in, I hastily graped a mismatched sock to cover my bare foot, and gave up on the hunt.

Running out the door with my heart pounding, it’s surprising that I even found the car in the garage. One leg in the vehicle, it was then that something in the bushes caught my eye. Perhaps it was just a stroke of madness thanks to an overheating brain, but something about it beckoned to me. As I walked closer, I could hardly believe what I had found…

Indeed, my missing sock wasn’t just stuck inside some old sweater or languishing underneath the bed, but it had taken on a whole new life as a nest! Dumbfounded, I could only laugh at the insanity of it all.

And since this sweet blue bird seemed so comfortable in her self-made home, there was no way I would reclaim my missing garment… I went into work that day wearing two very different socks, and was even happy knowing that the mate was with this well-meaning thief, too.


Island of Misfit Toys

…Or really, island of misfit pictures. Hopefully none of you have been there too often, as it’s a terribly sad place, where all the blurry, over-exposed, and badly framed photographs go to die. Having sworn up and down that none of my own captures would ever find their way into that forsaken place, my heart sank all the way down to my small intestine when I discovered just that nestled into my very own hard drive. Sequestered in a quiet corner of my computer, there they lay for well over a year, waiting hopefully for their turn to be featured on the blog. I’m saddened to say that now it’s just too late; They’re no longer up to my personal standards, and to foist such amateurish work upon you, my dear readers, would make me feel like a rip-off artist. Any story that accompanied such poor illustrations would be instantly cheapened, so bear with me through this post while I simply clean out the plushies in my closet.

Second photo ops are not an option, as all of these toys have moved on to other homes, but I’d like to take a moment just to remember them, and give a few of these photos their moment in the sun.


Pug and Chihuahua

Cat Keyboard Buddy

Simple Lion

Honey, I Shrunk the Muffins

Peeling a ripe banana early one morning, it quickly became apparent that there just wouldn’t be enough to top even my modest bowl of cereal. It’s not that it had been half-rotten or already nibbled on, but it was just so small to begin with.

No, this just wouldn’t do. So what does one do with a tiny banana…?

Make tiny banana nut muffins, of course! Now, that’s a satisfying way to use up an otherwise too-tiny fruit!

Hidden Treasures

Growing up in a household where nothing gets thrown out, you become accustomed to a good deal of clutter, and the frequent searches for items that become lost in the disarray. Most of the mess is hidden away in closets and beneath beds, but the clutter often creeps out from its hiding place and makes organization impossible. It’s certainly nice to have just about every craft supply I could ever ask for right at my finger tips, from piles of yarn right down to old glass jars and odd buttons, but the abundance tends to obscure that one thing I’m looking for. Want a certain book? Well, I can find plenty of old magazines and news papers, but it would seem as though this book had never even been put to print. Even things that are right out in the open can get sucked into the scenery, and a cell phone placed in the wrong spot will seemingly vanish.

The bright side is that more often than not, rediscovered treasures are found on a nearly daily basis. Poking through the bookshelves in our seldom-used family room yielded just such a surprise the other day, but it wasn’t just some odd trinket this time.

Standing no taller than an inch in height, this creature wasn’t just tiny, he was practically microscopic! Nestled in amongst books that were 10 times his size, this mini elephant was having one heck of a time trying to crack one open. I could tell he was book lover at heart, and would have poured over every last text in the house had he been able to reach them. It’s a good thing I happened to spot him and help out, otherwise it could have been ages before he got to even one book!

With all of the old volumes we have stored there, I’m certain that he’ll be able to find whatever it is that he’s searching for. However, with so many books to get through, I’ll know where to find him for quite a while to come!

[On an unrelated note, I’ve been having difficulty accessing my email, so I’m sorry I haven’t yet responded to your emails.  Hopefully the problem should be cleared up soon!]

Springing and Hopping

Just like that, it would seem as though mother nature has suddenly flipped a switch, and the days have instantly become longer and warmer. Although there is still a chill in the air, spring has definitely started to settle in, and it is a much welcome change. No longer is it necessary to bundle up in a half-dozen layers just to walk across campus, and there’s even light to dine by at dinner time. As much as I love winter, it had definitely overstayed its welcome this time around, dumping snow at the drop of a hat like a child throwing tantrums. One can only take these antics for so long, right?

Tempting me out of my quiet room with brilliant sunshine, it was literally a breath of fresh air to be greeted with the gentle midday breeze. Deciding on impulse to go for a stroll, winding paths unfolded before me, meandering along streams and brush and buildings alike. Enjoying the scenery so thoroughly, it wasn’t until 5 miles later that realized how far I had wandered or how limp my legs were becoming. I’m not exactly an athlete here, and my typical “walk” would be a quick dash between classes, plus maybe a lap around the building if you really push me. Starting to feel the distance in my throbbing feet, a nearby bench looked too inviting to pass by, providing a moment to rest my insufficient muscles. Sitting there with the blood rushing through my veins, who knows how long it took for me to pull my head together again. I have to guess that it must have been a good while though, because the next thing I knew, I found myself seated next to an unexpected newcomer.

Sitting nonchalantly on the bench as if he were just waiting for the bus, he must have hopped up there ages ago to get so settled in! Not wanting to make this slimy green visitor uncomfortable, I tried not to stare, but my curiosity only grew after getting over the initial shock. Where is his home? Will there be more frogs like him being born soon? A sign of good things to come, as creatures awaken from hibernation and wildlife returns to the budding trees, this fellow was even more proof that the seasons had officially changed.

It was hard to part ways and leave him there on the bench, but I took comfort in the knowledge that he is undoubtedly the first of many- I just can’t wait to see what other animals I might meet this spring!