World Bread Day

No matter how crazy life has been lately, and how poorly I’ve been staying on top of making regular posts, there is nothing that could make me miss out on celebrating World Bread Day.  What could be more glorious than a whole event created simply to celebrate all that is baked and doughy?  This occasion… Continue reading →

Bae Goals

It must be something in the water. Perhaps it’s something in the air. Surely, there’s some secret ingredient that separates true bagels from merely ring-shaped buns. What else could explain the mystique behind “authentic” New York bagels, impossible to replicate beyond city borders? Defined more by texture than flavor, burnished crusts lacquered with any variety… Continue reading →

Plot Twist

It’s one of those days. The sky is still dark when you finally wrestle off the heavy covers and swing your feet out of bed, never seeming to lighten a single shade all day. Rain falls intermittently, just enough to mock any attempt made to leave the house while remaining dry. Strangers hustle by with… Continue reading →