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Coming Soon to a Mailbox or Newsstand Near You…


Typically, sharing about the latest and greatest issue of VegNews is a big waiting game. Rarely does my own copy arrive before I spill the beans, but I can usually resist the urge to post about it at least until the designated month on the cover. Needless to say, that’s not the case for the incoming November/December issue. As soon as I learned that at least one copy was out in the wild, that signaled that it was fair game. This collection of articles and recipes is so enticing, so irresistible, that hopefully my impatience is pardonable this time around.

Returning with another column of My Sweet Vegan, I’m thrilled to share what may very well become the holiday dessert that everyone talks about for years to come: Black Forest Parfaits. The classic Christmas cake has been broken down into its essential components to be reassembled in delicate layers of chocolate cake, vanilla creme, and a lightly boozy drunken Morello cherry sauce. Not only does this presentation allow each element to shine, visible through clear glass walls, but it means individual servings can be prepared in advance and served without any messy slicing or scooping. Easier on the cook and tastier on the palate; can you say, “win-win”?

After coming down from my cake-induced sugar high, I was thrilled to photograph a deeply satisfying, warming soup as well. Effortless to whip up, the depth of flavor that Jesse Miner managed to create in his Smoky Tomato and Kale Soup is astonishing. Spiked with chili and rounded out by hearty potatoes and quinoa, this is not your average pallid tomato water. More like a stew than a modest soup, it could easily pass as a main course, rather than merely a humble side.

Let’s not forget, this is also the issue where the annual Veggie Award winners are revealed, among many other exciting features. Who’s won favorite cookbook or blog author this year? Now, I wouldn’t spoil that surprise even if I knew!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

21 thoughts on “Coming Soon to a Mailbox or Newsstand Near You…

  1. Those Black Forest Parfaits make me want to teleport back to the Rhine Valley in Germany…YUM.

  2. yummy yummy! I love the sound of that Smoky Tomato and Kale Soup.

  3. oh I can’t wait……i always LOVE when the VegNews comes!
    parfaits look amazing.

  4. So happy I subscribed! Looks soooooo good!

  5. Those parfaits my friend are simply wow! How I wish I could do be a part of this news subscription!

    Choc Chip Uru

  6. Wow that looks amazing Hannah! Which reminds me that it is almost time to start thinking about christmassy stuff already. Can’t believe time is flying by so fast!

  7. YUM!! That soup would totally hit the spot right about now! I HAD to sign up to VegNews after this post! thx for sharing :D

  8. Those black forest parfaits sure are eye catching. Looks great!

  9. Yum! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the farm delivery service in our area to have frozen Montmorency cherries available and they finally do. Once I get them, Black Forest everything is on the agenda and the parfaits look yummy and much more manageable than a cake!

  10. Wow I can’t wait for my copy to get here!!!

  11. Ooo can’t wait for this issue! Your parfaits look gorgeous!

  12. The cake looks like a showstopper — maybe it would be best to serve it first and forget the rest of the meal!

  13. Your black forest parfaits look gorgeous and a nice smaller serving size of the huge ones I saw in Germany. Serving sizes I found out in Germany come in just one size- huge…! Slices of cakes could always serve at least 2 people, maybe so that is so you can share with your best friend over a cuppa. Take care, BAM

  14. That parfait looks spectacular! I’m planning on visiting some Christmas markets in Germany this year, so I will definitely try this cake while visiting. Meanwhile, I’m looking at your gorgeous pic :))

  15. I love how you deconstructed that cake—you sure told it who was BOSS! =)

  16. Mmm, those parfaits look amazing!

  17. I’m not quite sure why I keep reading your blog before breakfast. The parfait looks fantastic! As does VegNews – thanks for the preview :)

  18. Lets not forget those amazing food photos that make us all want to nibble on our computer mouse as we slowly trawl through your posts Hannah ;). Those parfaits looks scrumptious and deliciously decadent. I think that you may have hit the nail on the head as to when I am going to serve myself up one of these delicious little babies. I might slosh on a little bit more Christmas cheer and have a shot glass of it on the side but this is going to grace my Christmas table with amazingly good cheer! :)

  19. I really like all of your pictures! I also like how you write the recipes under each food.

  20. Well you are certainly very enthused about your baking. It will be fun to hear comments from others once they have actually tried the black forest recipe. I will try it this weekend.

  21. Reblogged this on Beth and the Biscuit and commented:
    Jesse Miner has blown poor Bittersweet’s October blog-mind with his Smoky Tomato and Kales Soup. It’s still a few weeks before spring! We can still eat winter soup. Especially winter soup with potatoes and quinoa.

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