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Kosher Cooking with Levana


Every day is a different job, making it rather difficult to explain exactly what I do when meeting new people. Truth is, I’m not quite sure I have the whole story straight myself- Am I a student? Photographer? Author? Restaurant cook? Blogger? Well, to make matters more confusing, it seems I’m about to add another descriptor to the list: Food stylist.

Food styling is something that is par for the course for food bloggers, but in the world of professional photography, the person wielding the camera is rarely, if ever, directly involved in plating and arranging that delicious subject seen through the viewfinder. The ability to artfully display edibles comes naturally to most food enthusiasts, or anyone who spends enough time eating out and seeing how the experts do it, but it’s not a job that one stumbles into with little real experience… Unless you’re me, apparently. Never had I flattered myself by assuming it was something I could do beyond my own kitchen- Most jobs clearly state that the stylist have a solid culinary background, a degree from an esteemed cooking school, and experience up the wazoo. So getting that last minute call from my publisher, saying that a kind woman in Brooklyn would love my assistance, was quite the shock.

And can I tell you something? I had a blast. Challenging at times and a definite learning experience all the way, but thankfully, Levana Kirschenbaum was every bit as warm and welcoming as promised, and we hit it off immediately. Two long days of fussing with greens, swabbing plates obsessively with q-tips, and a just one minor pâté fiasco later, and we had dozens of beautiful images (thanks to the camera work of Meir Pliskin) to add into her upcoming cookbook, The Whole Foods Kitchen. [Please note, though this isn’t a vegan cookbook, there are many vegan options.] I still couldn’t help but pick up my camera a few times, though bear in mind that these are not the images going into the book. Just a few of my favorites, and a little sneak preview to whet your appetite!

Steel-Cut Oat Soup

Lemon Pudding

Steamed Dumplings

Pasta Salad

Roasted Fennel and Endive

Chocolate Steel-Cut Oats Pudding

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

33 thoughts on “Kosher Cooking with Levana

  1. the photos are beautiful and that pasta dish is amazing!

  2. Hey, do you know you’re the Best Hannah ?

  3. Your food stylism skills are beyond awesome, and you executed this particular job exquisitely!! Love the lemon pudding pic!

  4. Congrats on your new job! The pictures are stunning as always!

  5. I’m about ready to dive into one of those little lemon pudding things… mmmm Those look slurpy yummy.

  6. Awesome job Hannah! I’m so proud of all the work you have done!!

  7. It was very cruel to post these images without the recipes. I can’t afford the book and without the recipes, I would as soon not know about these delectable looking foods. sjb

  8. Oh, wow! Congratulations, Hannah – it seems like this was a wonderful experience. I’m not surprised they called you, though. You have the innate ability to turn all food into art.

    That lemon pudding and those dumplings look amazing!

  9. Your pictures are always amazing! I wish I had your talents!

  10. The more you put yourself out there the more opportunities you’ll get! Congratulations :)

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented!

  12. Based on your images alone, I am pretty sure that I will love this cookbook!

    You are just a jack of all trades, Hannah! Prob why I adore you so much.

  13. Gorgeous beautiful pictures Hannah :-)

  14. Gorgeous pictures! Mouthwatering! I can’t wait to see the book.

  15. Your photos are always amazing and always make me hungry!

  16. Great job, Hannah! Beautiful dishes. And haven’t you really always been a food stylist? Your dishes are always rather stylish!

  17. Tempted by the lemon pudding and the dumplings!

  18. Nice job! I love all the pics. Help- I NEEDS lessons from you. :) I just moved from a point and shoot into an SLR and I’m completely lost with it!

  19. Beautiful photos, Hannah. I am actually not surprised to hear of you finding work as a food stylist. You definitely have an eye for it! Well, you certainly have been busy enough to stay out of trouble! Sorry I haven’t been over to visit in so long. I think about you often and hope you are well. I’ve missed you but haven’t been blogging as much. So HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  20. I am convinced that you were BORN to be a food stylist! (Well, in addition to all those other jobs you have going on. :)) Your talent is amazing, Hannah. These photos are beyond gorgeous (AS ALWAYS!), and the food is so beautifully arranged. Only you could make chocolate oats look beautiful! :D

  21. Gorgeous photos, Hannah! The oat soup sounds pretty interesting.

  22. These photos are amazing!

  23. These are so beautiful Hannah! I work for a magazine and do all the food styling for my pics.. (and cook the food!)… but sometimes, I really wish I had a food stylist. Maybe some day!

  24. You are an amazing talent. I hope you will continue to explore all the paths that bring you joy.

  25. How fun! Sounds like you had a great experience and beautiful shots as always! :-)

  26. I always love your food stylings- it inspires me to get off my lazy ass and do more with my photos! My favorite is the lemon pudding- gorgeous!

  27. & an awesome food stylist you are ;D

  28. I can’t believe the photos going into the book could be more beautiful than the ones you took. Not possible. You could be the stylist AND the photographer. (As well as the author and the chef!)

  29. Wow those look beautiful and VERY tasty! Great pictures and blog title. I am a young food blogger just learning the ropes.

  30. Awe, Congrats on the gig! I’m loving what you did – beautiful!

  31. It all looks so great! And congrats on the job! I especially love the look of the dumplings and roasted fennel.

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