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Warmest Wishes…


…For the holiday season, the New Year, and beyond! Happy Merry, everyone.

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

39 thoughts on “Warmest Wishes…

  1. Ohlalalala Hannah, youre pictures are SO PERFECT ! Really ♥
    The cookies are so appetising ♥
    The drink is so waouw !

    Have a nice Christmas Hannah ;)

  2. Happy Holidays Hannah! I hope 2011 is another fantastic year for you.

  3. Holy yum treats!! Happy holidays, dear Hannah.

  4. schöne fotos!
    hach, da wird mir ganz weihnachtlich…
    wünsche dir ein frohes fest! :)

  5. merry christmas! nice pictures! beautiful!

  6. Beautiful, as always. Happy Holidays!!

  7. stunning! Love the gingerbread men!

  8. Merry Christmas delightful photographer + recipe creator! You’re an inspiration, and I love ya for it, thanks for sharing your eats :)

    Have an amazing 2011!

  9. Gorgeous photos! Can you tell me where you got your gingerbread man cookie cutter?

  10. Happy holidays! Great photos – those brownies in particular look divine! :)

  11. The pictures are fab. I want to know how to make that hot chocolate, the cream looks so perfect!

  12. Happy Holidays Hannah! Beautiful goodies you’ve got there!

  13. Happy Merry, Hannah! I wish I had a mug of that delicious looking hot chocolate (is that what it is?) right now!

  14. Do you guys get Chinese food on Christmas? My EX’s family always does!

    Happy Holiday’s Hannah!

  15. Ooh those gingerbread men are adorable! Merry Merryness and all the best for 2011 Hannah! :)

  16. Have a delicious and happy holiday! Looks like you definitely will!

  17. Great pics! That chocolate drink looks great!

  18. Have a lovely holiday Hannah!

  19. Merry Christmas Hannah! Enjoy your Chinese :)

  20. And to you! It’s late afternoon on Christmas Day here in Australia, which means yours must be just beginning. Have a wonderful day, and make sure you’ve got some relaxation time scheduled in there!

  21. Next year I’m coming to your place for the holidays. Your treats look amazing, as usual. Happy holidays!

  22. first time here delicious festive desserts
    happy holidays

  23. Happy Holidays and warm wishes for a fabulous 2011 Hannah! Thank you for making 2010 so beautiful & delicious!

  24. <3
    Looks lovely!

  25. Merry christmas, Hannah! What’s the name of the round whitish cookies? They look so delicious!

  26. Seasons greetings and best wishes for a happy year.

  27. Happy Holidays, Hannah!

  28. Happy Holidays Hannah!

    PS. I always get a big smile in my face when I see your photos.

  29. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season, Hannah! It looks like yours was truly delicious. Gorgeous photos!

  30. Happy holidays! Your beautiful photos always make me smile!

    The gingerbread men look perfect.

  31. Happy new year Hannah. As usual the pictures are perfect.

  32. Happy holidays! Those treats look delicious, and the pictures are absolutely beautiful!

  33. Happy Holidays!! have a wonderful week, yummy pics!!


  34. Those gingerbread men are beyond cute! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, Hannah!

  35. Happy holidays, Hannah! What a great collection of mouthwatering treats :).

  36. SO pretty. Love that one with the ornaments. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  37. I love the pictures. Great holiday delights. Thanks.

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