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To Cure What Ails ‘Ya


Not to brag or anything, but I’m one of those people who rarely gets sick. Perhaps it’s good luck or good genes, but I tend to get off pretty easily when winter viruses roll around and take out half of the town. Well, my luck has clearly run out on me, because I’m in throes of a nasty head cold that just won’t seem to leave me alone. Coupled with the demands of final exams and projects, and things have been pretty quiet here on the blog. Though I have no recipe to share, I do have a suggestion for anyone else fighting off a similar ailment…

Miso soup is the best thing I can recommend for nearly any malaise. Warm and soothing, packed with happy fermented soy (or not, if you choose the route of say, chickpea miso) plus any veggies hanging around in the fridge. My favorite sick-day mix involves plenty of fresh ginger, scallions, sliced shiitake mushrooms, tofu, and kale. Pictured above is a version made with barley miso, a darker, heartier paste, but naturally any type will do.

What are your favorite natural home remedies and feel-good foods?

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

51 thoughts on “To Cure What Ails ‘Ya

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Your soup will make anyone feel better.

    When I’m sick in the winter, I go for a hot cup of tea and homemade soup too. Only my soup favorite soup is just veggies and tomato juice (best if I canned it the summer before). Yet, I cannot always get my hands on homemade soup. :C In a dorm I’ve learned to be creative.

    <3 Love.

  2. I practically grew up on miso soup – classic!

  3. No to brag or anything. :-) You’re too cute. It’s funny, I don’t often get sick but when I do it tends to be terrible. Guess I need a bowl of this. Clearly your health is telling.

  4. Soup is the best food when you’re under the weather…no argument from me! I’m off to run errands and I believe I’ll pick up some miso while I’m out! Tea is good, too. And have you ever had hot lemonade? It’s really good when you’re battling a cold.

    I sure do hope you’re feeling better, soon.

  5. Our winter finally arrived a few days ago,and the first thing that came to my mind was Miso-soup!

  6. My recent discovery is miso soup with a big scoop of kimchi. It’s my go-to sick soup now.

  7. Sorry to hear that you’re sick! I’m also in the rarely-gets-sick camp, but when I do feel less than spectacular, I also love to warm myself with soup, and miso is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve never tried barley miso, but it gave your soup a great dark color! Hope you feel better soon. :)

  8. Soup and tea with honey/lemon/ginger are my drugs of choice when I get sick. I hope you feel better babe!

    Also, I went to V-Note this weekend after reading your fab review of it…loved it! Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. Yum, that looks delicious! When I’m feeling sick, I make super powerful garlic bread, it always seems to make me feel a lot better!

  10. My mother always gave us toast and tea – and ginger ale.

  11. Here is my cure for getting rid of flus and colds: tons of fresh vegan foods, lots of green smoothies, and oregano oil! I had blogged about my detailed remedy plan here It works like a charm!

  12. mmm this sounds like the perfect cold cure, feel better!!

  13. Hope you feel better soon! You certainly can’t go wrong with miso soup :)

  14. Hope you feel better soon! I am not much of a soup person, but the other day I was actually wanting some miso soup…thanks for the recipe!!


  15. At the very moment I start feeling under the weather, I take zinc and vit. c. I also eat my favorite garlicky foods and drink much more water than usual. Also a big fan of Gypsy Cold Care tea. Works on the P principle. ;D

  16. Miso is my go-to when I get sick! When I was little, my mom would often just give me a cup of miso broth. That looks beautiful, with the mushrooms above!

  17. Hope you feel better soon! the soup looks delicious!

  18. Oh, I completely know how you feel! I, too, normally never get sick, but this year has been my comeuppance in that regard. It started with losing my hearing, sense of smell, and taste in Munich, and I’ve been plagued with little colds all year.

    My go-to comfort food when I’m sick is congee, to which I add lots of spinach, chilli, garlic, ginger, and herbs. Actually, I want some now…

  19. I hope you feel better soon. I get sick a lot less since I have been a vegan, but I still manage to pick up a few little niggling bugs a year. While I do love miso soup, my favourite sick soup is hot and sour. So good. And loads of peppermint tea. And kitten snorgles.

  20. Hannah, sorry to hear that you are sick…hope you feel better soon. The miso soup sure sounds a good remedy…I will have to try this one out :-)

  21. That soup looks amazing! I eat soup on pretty much a daily basis in cold weather. Feel better soon!

  22. So sorry about head cold, and so close to Christmas (bet you’ve heard that one about 50 times!). When I am sick, I like to make chips (baked tortillas) or toast, and pair it with applesauce (on my top ten favorite list. Yeah, my food preferences have basically stayed consistent ever since I was five. :)). Something about a snack combining scratchy and soft food makes me feel more comfortable, and helps my throat immensely!

  23. I’m like you, hardly ever sick, but I would enjoy this powerhouse soup any day. I need to branch out on my misos, I’ve only ever tried white and yellow misos.

  24. beautiful photo! kale is one of my favorite greens. i hope you feel better soon. this weather is just getting everyone : [

  25. I can’t visit your blog without immediately craving food, and I’m all out of miso paste! haha – This looks absolutely marvelous. I’ve never heard of chickpea miso, so I’m going to check out that link – thanks!

    I hope you feel better, Hannah!

  26. This recipe looks so good. Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  27. I haven’t been sick since March 2004 (knock on wood), but sick or not, I’d love a bowl of this soup right now!

  28. Looks so good!! Wishing a speedy recorvery for you++++

  29. this looks so good right now..hope u feel better soon.

  30. Hope you feel better soon! I’m definitely like you, hardly ever get sick, but when I do… man, I could feel like it’s the end of the world!

  31. I hope you feel better! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I always have chicken soup when feeling under the weather. :)

  32. Feel better soon! I usually eat about a million clementines, zinc tablets and gallons of water when I’m sick, coupled with lots of veggies and grains.

  33. Get better soon! Miso is definitely a great cold cure … or comforter at the very least.

  34. Poor thing! I hope the miso soup makes you feel better.

    My usual please-cure-me foods are
    -vegetable broth
    -hot water with lemon and ginger

  35. I love miso soup, now I’m going to have to get my supplies and make some. Hope you feel better soon.

  36. I tend to start craving soup when the weather gets cold, but especially when I (rarely) get sick. I like to add lots of garlic, ginger, and Sriracha to my soup, and eat lots of kale. Anything to clear the sinuses!

  37. I hope you feel better! I just love a good bowl of miso soup with so much garlic/ginger and chilies that I can barely stand it. It almost always makes me feel better.

  38. Miso soup and Chinese rice porridge are definitely my all-time comfort foods, especially if you’re ailing in any way. They give you sustenance and warm you up all over.

  39. MMMMM,..that soup looks so good , comforting you & us in these colder winter months! I hope you are feeling better really soon,…Get well, my friend!

  40. Just what I need. I came down with a terrible case of flu the day before my 2 final exams and paper were due. Ugh. I’m actually currently comforting myself with homemade miso ramen soup. You feel immediately better with that wonderful paste.

  41. I wish I could bring you some NYC ramen :)

  42. That looks like my feel-better miso soup! I hope you’re feeling tons better soon!

  43. I used to give my daughter (now 20) one cup of bancha tea with 1/2 ume plum and 1 teaspoon of good quality soy sauce (1-3 years aged), once a day for three days when she had a sore throat or illness coming on. Also decreasing her sugar intake (even juice) and more sleep to go along with it worked wonders!

    Your miso soup looks awesome. :-)

  44. Yes! I have shitaake mushrooms, greens, and noodles with sesame and Korean barbeque paste for lunch today. I love mixing similar ingredients with miso, and also love the broth leftover from rehydrating dried mushrooms.

    Best winter treat ever, and so good for you!

  45. This soup looks so comforting right now. It’s freezing here and I keep sneezing.

  46. So sorry to hear it! Have you tried any alternative therapies? There’s a herb/homeopathic tincture I use and it always works for me. And rest!

    Good luck with all the work, and hope you get a chance to cocoon with family and friends over the holidays!


  47. loveeeeee your posts , it give us inspiration

  48. Hope you are feeling better! Miso soup sound good right now- sick or not! :)

  49. Hope you’re all better now. Miso soup is definitely good for whatever ails you. :-)

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