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Blondies and Brownies


For such a simple concept, blondies and brownies sure can be a controversial subject. Feuds have been ignited and culinary wars waged in search of the best recipes. Some prefer the spongier, cake-like bars, while other go for the bars that are just steps away from being pure fudge. Throw the whole vegan requirement into the mix, and you’ve got yourself one big, nasty, gooey mess. It has always astounded me that for all the hundreds of egg-less, milk-less recipes out there, less than 1% of what I’ve tried would be worth making a second time. Fed up with the drama and disappointing results, I finally took things into my own hands.

Though it took nearly six months longer than originally planned, happily, this is one ebook that has no season; Blondies and brownies are the perfect snack or dessert any time of the year, for nearly any occasion! Each recipe is designed to feed a crowd, so they’re excellent options for parties, pot lucks, and bake sales as well.

Of course, you can expect plenty of mouth-watering photos with every tempting recipe, such as…

Equal parts blondie and brownie options, twelve recipes in all, this volume includes…

Ambrosia Blondies
Browned Butter Pecan Praline Blondies
Cafe au Soja Lait Brownies
Cookies ‘n Fudge Brownies
Double Chip Peanut Butter Blondies
German Chocolate Brownies
Luscious Lemon-Swirled Brownies
Power Brownies
Salted Dulce de Coco Brownies
Spicy Date Blondies
Turkish Delight Blondies
Zested Cranberry Streusel Blondies

…Not to mention the countless variations possible with different flours, mix-ins, and flavors, with helpful hints and tips sprinkled throughout.

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

53 thoughts on “Blondies and Brownies

  1. I have been so impressed with your other e-cookbooks that I will absolutely be purchasing this one! Brownies and blondies are two of my favorite treats, and the teaser photos have my mouth watering. I can’t wait to browse through the recipes!

  2. wow these look fantastic! May I ask if many of the recipes are tofu based? I need to avoid soy as much as possible…

  3. Oh, Hannah! I already loved your ice cream e-book and I gotta have this one! As a German I don’t have any clue about how a good brownie should taste like. I bet yours do taste best!

  4. AHHH you know how much I love blondies and brownies – EXCELLENT new e-book, girl!

  5. By the way, would you recommend something as a substitute for the coconut flour? I have a hard time finding it and it’s pretty expensive.

  6. Thanks, Hannah! Just made the purchase and can’t wait to get started. your recipes are always fantastic!

  7. How perfect! Everything looks delicious!

  8. OMG very appetising ♥
    I eat it is so beautiful! I’m still in my gluten-free diet, but I dream thank you hannah

  9. Yay, another ebook! I have all your other ones and “My Sweet Vegan” so I will so add this to the collection. Are there any gluten free recipes in it? And is it true you are working on a second cookbook?

  10. I will totally be buying this! I’m really persnicketty (I have no idea how to spell that word! Hopefully I got close.) about my brownies and blondies, and those variations look completely mouthwatering. Hurray!

  11. One word: yum!! Those are some drool-worthy pics. Brownies are my absolute favorite dessert.

  12. Nice work, Hannah! This will be my first e-book purchase! Five bucks is a bargain to end the search for perfect, vegan brownies. :)

  13. Awesome idea for an e-book! I am always searching for that perfect vegan brownie recipe. Blondies too! :)

  14. Oh wow!! Great idea – congratulations!
    I will purchase it for sure any time soon- my mother is planning a huge party for June and asked me to bake some goodies :)

    Please check out my latest post, as a small surprise is waiting for you ;)

    xoxo Mel

  15. You temptress, I couldn’t resist, just bought it! ;)

  16. Perfect! My birthday’s tomorrow, so how about a little gift to myself? I’ll sure be having these with some lemonade this weekend!

  17. This is something I absolutely HAVE to get my hands on!

  18. Those picture are enough to let me know this is something I must have.

  19. Ohh gosh, this is right up my alley! This blondie needs her blondies!

  20. Hannah, you may have very well outdone yourself this time. The thought of the Browned Butter Pecan Praline Blondies has me so excited! Unfortunately, I’m trying to be really good about cutting back on sweets until I lose these last few stubborn pounds so this book may have to wait a bit. :)

  21. I was lucky enough to get to taste those cookies and fudge brownies. Yummmmmmy!

  22. Hannay, both look fantastic! YUMMIE!

  23. I will definitely get this one! my brownies never come out that good hopefully this will help.

  24. Hannah the pdf is great, great recipes! I just received this gift from my husband this morning, I am very happy and it’s a great idea for doing this!

  25. When I saw that last photo, I nearly tasted it! Amazing!

  26. Looks great. I like the sound of all those recipes.

  27. Congrats on the ebook!! Yeah!! Well done!

    These brownies look to die for,…really!

  28. Congrats on the new ebook, Hannah! It looks gorgeous!

  29. oh hell yes. i’m already floored by the photos.

  30. oh good lord. i have SO much to do today and now all i want to do is make german chocolate brownies. i’m not sure i’ll be able to sleep until i make them.

    but fyi—there is something wrong with the PDF on page 32-33: parts of the recipe are missing.

  31. YUM! These look so good!!!

  32. Mmm I’m officially craving a brownie now…

  33. Those chocolate ones look incredible. x

  34. Oh man those all look DELECTABLE- especially the pistachio blondies! As a huge fan of blondies and all their variations, I love this e-cookbook idea.

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  36. I NEED THIS BOOK! Wow, everything sounds absolutely divine. Hannah, I have no idea how you do it, you are so prolific and creative. THANK YOU!

  37. You have made me so happy! I am buying this right now.

  38. ambrosia blondie??? ok that has be totally interested!

  39. I used to be such a brownie fan, but I have realized that I love the blondie even more.

  40. I know what you mean about vegan brownie recipes out there… definitely love the looks of your’s!

  41. This looks like an amazing ebook!

  42. Everything looks delicious!Congrats on the new ebook!

  43. You are AWESOME! Seriously, YUM.

  44. I was so excited to buy your book, and the black-bottom brownies looked so good, I decided to try them first. They did not rise at all, they were a total flop – probably because the recipe did not call for baking powder or soda. Was that intentional, or did you forget to list them in the ingredients? I am very disappointed, as I had high hopes for your book and a lot of the recipes looked delicious, but I will probably be returning the book so I don’t waste any more time or money baking things that come out inedible.

  45. Looks wonderful! And yes, I can’t believe how much controversy there is over blondie and brownie.

  46. I’d like to know how the instructions for the Cranberry Streussel Blondies end, please!

    Other than the usual too many exotic and hard-to-find ingredients, I really like this mini e-book! The Double Chip PB Blondies were a great twist on a classic and the Turkish Delight is so refreshing. Hope you don’t mind if I change those cranberries to blueberries?

  47. No candy cap blondies? :)

  48. You’re the boss when it comes to brownies/blondies as far as I’m concerned! Ordering now :)

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  50. I just bought blondes and brownies but I don’t know how to open it online. Please advise asap

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