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Dreaming of a White [Marshmallow for] Christmas


In case the demands of creating and handing out immense batches of peanut brittle are beginning to cause more stress than joy, fear not, there are alternatives to ensure your loved ones have a sweet holiday nonetheless. Although there truly are tons of unique, artisanal vegan candies to choose from, each easily ordered online and delivered to your door, there is one in particular that I’d like to suggest. One company, which has such outstanding customer service that when emailed, always responds within a day, and has always delivered my orders just two days after I place them, at the latest. One company, which I fear may secretly own my soul, and has the most addictively delicious product that I ordered 5 pounds of it to “bake with,” and have instead taken the opportunity to eat an embarrassing amount so far. You may have seen this coming a million miles away by now, but this company is Sweet and Sara.

Their everyday offerings are worthy of a special occasion, or just a simple indulgence. Recently having added Strawberry and Cinnamon Pecan marshmallows to their classic lineup of Vanilla and Toasted Coconut, these are mallows that would please the most discerning palate. A fresh but subtle strawberry flavor accompanies the pale pink mallow of its namesake, amazingly not the least bit artificial tasting, as such a candy could easily become. The cinnamon pecan option may be my new favor though- Topped off with large pieces of fresh, toasty pecans coated in sugar and spice, with just the perfect hit of salt, that textural contrast really perks up the whole piece and allows the flavors to pop. Redolent with warm cinnamon flavor throughout, these are always the first to go when I order a combo pack.

But don’t forget about those infamous s’mores! Available in both Vanilla and Peanut Butter, each towering treat is perched upon a thick, crumbly graham cookie and smothered with a thin shell of intense dark chocolate. Though both flavors present a pure white marshmallow inside, the peanut butter is not shy when it comes to announcing its flavor. So sweet, rich, and delicious, I would highly recommend cutting each s’more in half before you even take a bite, lest you be tempted to eat the whole hulking dessert in one sitting.

In case that mere covering of chocolate wasn’t enough for you, then I have just the thing to satisfy your inner chocoholic- The Rocky Road Bark. Thick slabs of mallows and almonds encased in a heavy armor of robust, slightly bitter chocolate, this isn’t for your fair weather chocolate friends. Impeccably fresh, the toasted almonds still manage to let their presence be known through that blanket of cacao, and lend a much needed crunch to this creamy, melting concoction.

Even better, for those of you missing Christmas-shaped peeps and in need of a bit more holiday spirit than the average square can provide, Sweet and Sara is now offering snowman, angel, and reindeer mallows for a limited time. Every bit as incredible as their sweet Halloween ghosts, these adorable confections would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the sweet-toothed vegan in your life… Or a little gift you could give to yourself, too. These large mallows just have so much Christmas cheer, I dare you to look at them and not smile. As you can see, my reindeer was so excited to celebrate the holiday season, he couldn’t wait until I finished the photo shoot before he took a dip in my hot cocoa!

If all that doesn’t convince you to order some mallows, right this very minute, may I remind you that Sweet and Sara is now offering a 15% discount for the holiday season if you order directly through them? Consider those last tricky gifts taken care of.

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

30 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White [Marshmallow for] Christmas

  1. Anything soy-free, by a lucky chance? ;)

  2. <3 marshmellows, beautiful pics! :)

  3. I LOVE Sweet & Sara! My dad brought me back two boxes from the states of the vanilla meltaways and I am in love! They are so authentic tasting, not fake or too sugary at all. Brilliant! Now I need to go have a s’more.

  4. i love sweet and sara. the BEST vegan desserts—especially for the holidays!

    love the reindeer swimming in the hot chocolate. =)

  5. PB s’mores sound like they’d be fabulous and I love that adorabe marshmallow reindeer swimming in your hot chocolate! It’s so sweet of Sweet & Sara to offer a discount in addition to making so many amazing marshmallow options available to vegetarians. :)

  6. I love the idea of these and am dying to try them.

    However, they are WAY too expensive.

  7. now this is what I love to see with my morning coffee!!

  8. Love the new flavors! I want to tour her factory :)

  9. Sweet & Sara has been at the top of my list of favorite confections since they first began selling their marshmallows. Of their varieties, my favorite remains the toasted coconut, but each of the other flavors is also extremely delicious. The S’mores (thankfully) are too rich for my taste and I haven’t tried the bark, but the marshmallows seriously rock my world, meaning that S&S will always have my business!

  10. Looks like more amazing food that blurs the lines between snacks and art. I love it!

  11. Yum. You always showcase the best eats, whether created by your or someone else. I love her idea of the s’more bar. Since I just made homemade graham crackers for the first time I’m going to have to try this sometime soon.

  12. OMG cinnamon pecan!!! yumm. i am always so intrigued by marshmallows, especially these delicious and lovely vegan ones. but then i have to remind myself that i don’t like marshmallows in the first place.

  13. Beautiful, outstanding pictures…I just wanna lick off the screen!

  14. They all look absolutely lovely and giving me sugar cravings as we speak!

  15. I am in love with Sara & Sweet as well. Have you tried their new mini marshmallows yet?

  16. Thank you Hannah for the post – we love you!!!


  17. The cinnamon pecan are my favorites too – yum! I need to order some of those cute holiday mallows! :)

  18. Oh all of those wonderful marshmallows!!!

  19. They all look delicious. Fluffy!

  20. the PB smore is calling my name BIG TIME!

  21. I’m not normally a marshmallow girl but s’mores are hard to pass up and I think that is when a marshmallow is truly at its best. ;) It’s good to know that there are ready-made vegan versions available so I can make s’mores at home. Mmmmm.

  22. Oh boy, I LOVE Sweet n Sara! Last time I was in NYC, I made a trip to Lula’s Sweet Apothecary and had PB choc fudge ice cream with hot fudge sauce, and a PB smore chopped up ans sprinkled on top. Nothing in the world can be tastier than that winning combination!

  23. A good source for quality treats is a precious thing. Thanks for sharing and for the mouth-watering pictures Hannah!

  24. They look SOOOOoooooooo good! Love the Xmas shapes and, of course, the S’mores! :)

  25. Thank you. I m so ordering. I was going to put Dandies in my husband’s stocking, but these are better. Pecans, wowie.

  26. Mmm, marshmallows! I really want to try the snowmen.

  27. Mmm so many yummy treats!!

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