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Tomatoes: In, Strawberries: Out


If for only a moment, there comes a fleeting stretch of time where seasonal fruits intersect on their ways in and out of season. Both perfectly ripe, but some barely clinging to their final days at their prime, while others finally just hitting their stride. In perfect harmony for however briefly, it’s this window of opportunity where some of the most unique and unusual pairings can be made. It might sound crazy on paper, or on screen for that matter, but I was elated to finally try marrying tomatoes and strawberries into one inclusive dessert.

Composed of thinly sliced grape tomatoes and petite strawberries arranged in overlapping layers on top of an almond crust, these tartlettes couldn’t be any easier to make, but they seem to make a big impression on unsuspecting eaters. Lightly brushed with vanilla-infused agave, and finally topped with a sprinkle of grated lemon zest and fresh thyme, it’s one of those special treats that can only be enjoyed once or twice a year at most. Highlighting perfect produce, they hardly need anything to dress them up, and thus it’s hard to consider adorning the tartlettes any further.

Despite throwing in a couple of plain old strawberries tartlettes for good measure, just in case my taste testers wouldn’t go for this unusual idea, the tomato-layered sweets were still the first to disappear.

I’m afraid it may be too late for some of you, depending on what’s going on in your local markets, but if you happen to have the fortune of a late strawberry crop coming in, don’t let this one chance pass you by!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

45 thoughts on “Tomatoes: In, Strawberries: Out

  1. Ohlalalala so cuuuuuute !
    Nice sweetie, very nice and very appetising :)

  2. Sweet idea!
    It is so hard having to use up all the in coming food! My house is over flowing with cucumbers!
    Tomatoes and strawberries sounds like a nice treat!
    Stunning pictures!

  3. You never stop impressing me! You are such a culinary genius (not to mention a photography superstar!). This pairing is so unique and striking, I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for always inspiring me with your boundless creativity and delightful recipes.

  4. I am swimming in an ocean of mouth-water, it looks DELICIOUS!

  5. In central Maine our strawberries are over, and tomatoes aren’t here yet. Interesting how much the growing seasons differ, and we’re not so far apart. It’s a good 15 degrees cooler up here than in Mass., though. I cannot wait for tomatoes. I’m planning massive canning.

    I’d love to pop one of those tarts in my mouth for breakfast!

  6. Even though I hate raw tomatoes…that dessert looks fabulous!

  7. it looks great, but i’d definitely be afraid of tasting it. =p i’m such a coward when it comes to unusual mixtures in cooking.

  8. I never would have put the two together on my own, but they look great! I can see why they went fast!!

  9. Oh I love that combo! Berries & tomatoes complement each other so well.

  10. I think our strawberries are just about gone…but that sounds really awesome!

  11. Tomatoes and strawberries? That’s just…confusing. But if you say it’s good then I’ll take your word for it!

  12. Can you say beautiful? I love that you thought to put these two ingredients together. Your post was elegantly written, as always. I love the fact that this is a limited time only dish, I think that adds more allure.

  13. this flavor combination sounds amazing!

  14. these are so pretty! i’ve never though about it before, but i do think that flavor combination would really work! tomatoes are technically a fruit, afterall, aren’t they?

  15. That is quite intriguing! I got a good amount of strawberries last month from my CSA and I made jam with it.

  16. What a great idea! I guess I can see how they would go together especially using homemade tomatoes because they seem to be so much more sweeter than store bought.

  17. That is such a unique blending of fresh flavors. I would love to try them. So pretty as well.

  18. That’s such a great idea! I bet it tastes fabulous!

  19. What a sweet idea!

  20. Lol, I don’t know about this one… But I’m willing to try anything once. Unfortunately I will have to make some plain strawberry as well for my bf; he won’t eat tomatoes! Oh the humanity!

  21. Interesting combination, looks delicious!

  22. I’m definitely willing to try this.

    Once, when I lived in the Basque Country (in Spain), and my parents came to visit, we stopped at a restaurant to eat. They only had one vegan item on the menu: a salad consisting of (half-ripe) tomatoes and fresh strawberries, dressed with olive oil, salt and pepper. I hesitated to order it, but, my, what an explosion of flavours!

    So, I’ll take tomatoes and strawberries any time. (-:

  23. Too neat! I’m thinking about it, and really that combo does work quite well – maybe I’ll use it on my next salad.

  24. Who would have thought tomatoes and strawberries together? Great Photos!

  25. Oh Hannah, this is so pretty!

  26. Your are a genius! Those little tartlets look amazing! Brillant!!

  27. Ooo what a fascinating combination! I’ve never eaten tomato in anything sweet before. And they’re just beautiful too!

  28. INTERESTING! Hats off to you Kaminsky for coming up with such an innovative combo!

    One a sweeter note like your sweet tart – You had me at “strawberry”.

  29. I bet drizzling with Balsamic would be a nice compliment too! So yummy!

  30. Wow, what a great idea to make these tartelets! It looks delicious and I can see why the combination ones would disappear first!

  31. Hi Hannah!
    I`m back to let you know that you won 2nd prize in my 4th blogiversary giveaway! Yaay! So if you could please e-mail me your mailing info and I will ship it out this week! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  32. Fabulous photos beautiful!

  33. They look lovely….

  34. I’ve said it before (and if I hadn’t I should have) – you’re a genius! This looks so juicy and red like rubies… I think at the very least I’ve have to make a salad that incorporates both before the season is out. yum!

  35. Love the strawberry-tomato combination, it’s such a change of pace! And the tarts looks gorgeous too, of course. I’m also a fan of using beets as if they were berries (on top of yogurt, etc.) Thanks for reminding us to think outside the box with our food.

  36. I never tried the strawberry-tomato combination before, but I have no doubt that it’s delicious. Tomatoes and strawerries are 2 of my favorite foods. I think I’ll give this a shot, since they’re always hanging around my fridge in the summertime.

  37. Wow. Tomatoes and strawberries sound awesome together. I love the way you fanned the strawberries.

  38. These are seriously gorgeous! I’ve never had tomatos and strawberries together; but it looks amazing!

  39. Looks delish, we still have both, I must give it a try.

  40. Those are beautiful works of art!

  41. Again, so very creative and beautiful. The tarts with syrup on top sound just heavenly.

  42. I’ve never thought of putting strawberries and tomato together in a dessert! Brilliant. And gorgeous.

  43. Everything, I mean everything on these pages looks absolutely yummy, except of course for the sea jelly… but that is so darn cute.

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