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Lazy Sunday


Shining brightly, the sun stretches over the landscape as far as the eye can see, with only an errant, fluffy whisp of a cloud or two passing by; This final day of the weekend could hardly be more perfect. The temperature is downright summery, and yet that awful seasonal humidity has yet to settle in, so there’s nothing by dry warmth to enjoy. The familiar urge to leave the oven off is returning, and meals have become simpler as a result. Especially today, on this lovely Sunday, it’s tough to summon the ambition just to peel yourself out of your lawn chair and go fetch a new reading book.

So what’s there to eat? A perfect day would be incomplete without something delicious, if you ask me, so of course there must be something simple and satisfying to accompany the laid-back mood.

Grazing contentedly through piles of chilled, fresh veggies and fruits (bring on the watermelon!), one of my favorite new discoveries finally adds a bit of balance to my lazy day diet. Dukkah, a crunchy mix of coarsely chopped hazelnuts and spices, is not only an excellent quick-fix snack, but also a fantastic party nibble, or it can even be incorporated into a more elaborate meal. For me, I’m happy to set out a big basket of different breads, a bowl of good olive oil, and start dipping away, but the possibility are endless. Think about a dukkah-encrusted tofu cutlet, or dukkah-laced salads. That’s not even getting into all of the different ideas for combining different spices and nuts (chickpeas are sometimes used, too)- The sky is the limit!

I don’t measure to make my dukkah these days, but here’s a great recipe to get you started. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is decide its final destination, I promise!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

33 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Lovely photo’s yet again. I love this crunch, your idea to encrust tofu would be wonderful! I can also see this sprinkled on salad or on sauteed kale.

  2. Something I am completely new to! I look forward to trying it.

  3. I love summer. The simplest foods are my favorite =)

    I’ve never heard of Dukkah before but it sounds lovely! I bet it would be amazing over sauteed greens!

  4. I’ve never heard of dukkah, but it sounds awesome! Perfect for such a wonderful weather day. I wish it were warm and summery in Berkeley, but no, today it’s overcast and damp. Oh well, I’ll enjoy the fabulous weather through you vicariously!

  5. ohmigosh, dukkah is even fun to say…

    This looks like something my family would enjoy, as they’re quick to jump on the bread-dipped-in-olive-oil train. I think they would welcome a topping for the family favorite – a nutty, savory one at that!

    Thanks for the eloquently-written tips, as always. :)

  6. Wowowo that looks really cool! Never heard of Dukkah before, I’ll have to collect a couple of the spices I’m missing before I try this

  7. I’ve always wanted to try dukkah–it sounds so exotic! And looks delicious.

  8. Have yet to make it :) Looks so tasty!

  9. Nice post! I love dukkah.

  10. Interesting I ve never heard of it.

  11. Cute name and yummy looking snack.

  12. I’ve never even heard of dukkah, so thanks for pointing it out. Sounds absolutely divine!

  13. Is it wrong that I’d eat dukkah with a spoon?

  14. That looks like it would be good over rice -the Asian in me comes out!

  15. Ooh, that sounds lovely. I only wish the temperatures were oven-less ones here!

  16. I have a tin of dukkah in my pantry and I never know what to do with it! Thanks for the wonderful ideas and a great recipe to get me started on making my own! There’s not a doubt in my mind that making your own will taste far better than the store bought ones.

  17. Wow, dukkah sounds like the perfect bread topping! I’ve made a batch of baguettes…I think I can hear them scream dukkah now.

  18. Ooh, Hannah, I’ve never even heard of it, how cool!!

  19. All Sundays should be just like this. Oh, and dukkah crusted tofu sounds delish!

  20. Ooo I’ve never had dukkah. Sounds delicious though.

  21. I love those photos, and this recipe sounds limitless. Thanks Hannah!

  22. I could eat that all day. It sounds delicious.

  23. sounds good – i like the idea of it on tofu!!

  24. That looks lovely hannah! So funny that you’re mentioning dukkah! Not too long ago I had never even heard of it, untill I had to shoot some for a new customer who are making their own mix of dukkah… Yours looks delicious!

  25. I LOVE dukkah! But somehow had sort of forgotten about it lately… thanks for the reminder! A lovely summer snack when I don’t feel like using any kind of heating element :-)

  26. Your photos are always lovely, but I had to comment, because these are so subtly exceptional, with such wonderful warm honey tones and deceptively relaxed composition. They just made me smile.

  27. This sounds like the perfect mid-day pick-me-up!

    I love your photos, too :)

  28. dukkah rules! Beautiful pictures as always.

  29. Something new to try. Thanks.


  30. Dukkah…never heard of it…very interesting…looks tasty…would like to try sometime…nice pictures!

  31. What about dipping the bread in liquid honey or in melted cheese before topping it?
    Indeed, possibilities are endless!

  32. This sounds so interesting! Thanks. I love your blog!

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