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Flourless and Fabulous


Grab your chocolate and your whisks; It’s time for a special Valentine’s Day Daring Baker Challenge!

The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE’s blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef.
We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.

Flourless chocolate cake is a staple recipe that should be in any decent baker’s repertoire, so while I wasn’t exactly on the edge of my seat, dying for a chance to make it, this certainly was a good excuse to perfect my own approach… And eat some over-the-top, decadent, rich chocolate cake in the process. Not a terrible deal, I’d say!

Still buzzing from the excitement of having been in Johnny’s pastry kitchen, I jumped on this challenge almost as soon as it had been announced; Within the first week of February, to be sure. Drawing inspiration from Jean George’s own molten chocolate cake, I decided to construct and plate mine in a similar fashion (although this recipe doesn’t yield a flowing center.)

Happy to see that the black-eyed pea cake I made to celebrate the new year was actually a perfect fit, I made a few simple changes to make the batter smoother, and a bit richer. All you need is more chocolate, pretty much!  This intense cake is definitely a chocoholic’s dream, and it wouldn’t take a big serving to satisfy even the most voracious sweet tooth.

However, it seemed to me like the coconut chai ice cream that I made as an accompaniment really stole the show, adding a much needed refreshing component to the plate. It certainly doesn’t need to be served with this decadent chocolate bomb to be delicious, either… Although a light drizzle of extra ganache certainly doesn’t hurt!

Coconut Chai Ice Cream

1 3/4 Cup (14 Ounces) Coconut Milk
1 Whole Star Anise
10 Whole Cloves
1/4 Teaspoon Ground Allspice
2 Whole Cinnamon Sticks
1 Inch Fresh Ginger, Roughly Chopped
10 Whole Black Peppercorns
1/2 Teaspoon Ground Cardamom
3/4 Cup Granulated Sugar
1 12-Ounce Package Extra-Firm Silken Tofu
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1/4 Teaspoon Salt
1/8 Teaspoon Xanthan Gum

In a medium sauce pan, combine the coconut milk, spices, and sugar. Scald the mixture (bring it just to the brink of boiling) and then turn off the heat. Cover, and let steep for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, thoroughly drain the tofu and place it in your food processor or blender. Completely puree, scraping down the sides so that no pieces remain. Add in the vanilla and salt, and pulse to combine. Once the coconut milk has been infused with the spices, strain out the solids and add the liquid into the food processor. With the motor running, sprinkle in the xanthan gum. Scrape down the sides and pulse a few more times to make sure everything is incorporated.

Let the mixture cool completely in the refrigerator before churning in your ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Printable Recipe

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

78 thoughts on “Flourless and Fabulous

  1. Beautiful! Your ‘ice cream’ sounds delicious!

  2. omg chocolaty goodness HANNAH!
    That looks amazing…fabulous…I wanna cry cause I am going through a choc craving like right NOW!


  3. Yum! That coconut chai ice cream sounds divine.

  4. I’ve never made a flourless cake in my life, but now I have to give it a try. Your cake looks wonderful!

  5. The cake looks fabulous! And oh man, coconut chai ice cream?! This sounds amazing. Love your rendition on the challenge!

  6. Your cake is just beautiful! And that ice~cream! Yum doesn’t seem quite enough.

  7. Brilliant!!! Mine is so sad compared to yours. Black eyed pea recipe was perfect. Oh my! That is why you are an awesome cook!

  8. I knew your Valentino would be something special! Coconut Chai ice cream? Fabulous and creative! Also, your photos are pushing me to dole out the money for a macro lens, another Ego light (I only have one and barely any natural light in my apt), and a couple more lenses! I’m going to go Beautiful job all around!

  9. Beautiful presentation, and that ice cream sounds to die for!

  10. Coconut Chai Ice Cream? I love coconut and chai, that is a recipe I will have to try! Cake looks wonderfull and the ice cream sounds like it’s to die for! Great job!! Beautiful!

  11. Beautiful job, Hannah! I’m loving the sound of that ice cream!

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  13. wow what a nice view. this cake is awesome. the ice cream is really interesting i bet t was so good.

  14. Cake looks gorgeous and the ice creams sounds heavenly good!

  15. Looks wonderful. Love the moulds you used.

  16. want to eat beautiful screen

  17. Nice presentation! Very well done!



  18. Coconut Chai ice cream sounds fantastic!!! Yum yum. I may have to break out the ice cream machine one of these days..

  19. So pretty! Well done! :)

  20. Beautiful presentation!!! That ice cream sounds amazing! Do you think it would work without an ice cream maker just as well?

  21. The ice cream sounds delicious. Beautiful photos, as always. You never fail to amaze me!

  22. I wish this cake did have a molten center. I love your ice cream choice!

  23. Coconut…Chai?! Swoon!!!

  24. beautiful presentation! that little cake looks so darned delicious. and the ice cream? want it!

  25. Beautiful job on the plating! I love the perfect dots of ganache!

    Chocolate cake doesn’t do it for me but that ice cream, coconut, YUM, sounds heavenly!

  26. What a lovely dessert!! Nice job!

  27. Coconut chai ice cream sounds delicious!!! What a great idea to pair with this!!!

  28. Very nice presentation. Your ice cream must have been delicious.

  29. I love the chai spices in the ice cream! The cocnut milk/tofu base is an ice cream base I haven’t seen before. I’ll be trying it soon!

  30. Very nicely presented, looks pretty! :)

  31. Extra ganache is never a problem …and it looks beautiful! Lovely cake.

  32. Coconut chai ice cream sounds wonderful – the perfectly spicy accompaniment. And I love the little cakes – so cute. As always, beautiful job!

  33. Hannah – your presentation is lovely, and I can’t wait to try that Coconut Chai ice-cream!! – I had fun making your wonderful version of the flourless chocolate cake, delicious!! :)

  34. Coconut Chai Ice Cream sounds unbelievably delicious! How delectable

  35. oh, that ice cream does sounds wonderful! what a lovely dessert!

  36. I like that you make your own ice cream. I have tried in the past to do this, but have never yielded successful results. I think that’s one of those things I’m better off buying ;)

  37. This is such a beautiful plate of decadent chocolate! Your cake looks so rich yet nice and cakey. My ice cream was the favorite too, and I thought it was so weird to be making ice cream in February!

  38. The ice cream sounds heavenly! And that flourless cake couldn’t look any better either!

  39. Yum, this looks so delicious! Beautiful photos. :)

  40. Very nice! It certainly looks like a rich dessert. One my waistline can’t afford – LOL – but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it. ;)

  41. I tried the so delicious coconut milk vanilla ice cream recently, and wasn’t a fan. But I’ve been wanting to try my own, because I love their coconut milk yogurts. I wonder what was different about the ice cream? Thanks for the recipe, and the cake looks amazing, too!

  42. Lovely! I’m always excited to see your twist on the Daring Baker’s challenges and you never disappoint. Coconut chai ice cream? Sounds amazing!!

  43. Wow! that looks amazing.

  44. It’s not an ordinary brownie with ice cream… it’s an amazing vegan chocolate flourless flower shaped cake with coconut chai ice cream, chocolate sauce and a chocolate shell wedge!!! Bravo, I am shaking with my jaw dropped in envy of your skill and mastery :D

  45. Beautiful presentation — and coconut chai ice cream sounds divine!!

  46. Coconut Chai … it made me sigh just reading it. Well done!

  47. Your cake looks incredibly delicious and your ice cream is to die for! What a stunning presentation! Beautiful crisp photos!

  48. These photos are lovely, and the chai ice cream sounds delicious – I am definitely adding it to my “to make” list!

  49. mmmm coconut chai ice cream! I did vanilla chai, so I will definitely have to try this.

  50. I want to make this ice cream so badly! Yet, the snow outside makes me want something warm.
    Once it is summer, I’m making this for sure!!

  51. Oh! Oh! I feel faint! I feel light-headed! That picture, the chocolatey goodness! I can’t even type! YUMYUMYUM!

  52. You always make food look soooo good. I love the ice cream flavor too! I have some friends who have all sorts of food allergies and they’ve been asking me about good recipes and I’m sending them here! :) You rock, chica.

  53. I totally understand how this ice cream would steal the show…yum!
    Lovely plating btw

  54. I just tagged you for a picture game. Please go to my blog so you can see the rules.
    Thank you

  55. I think is the one time in my life where I would ignore chocolate and just ask for “more ice cream please.” Coconut chai? Amazing.

  56. That is just amazing Hannah, love the chocolate and… I got to see your recipe with the black eye peas (which I missed in december)! The thing is; I have a whole lot of those peas just waiting to be processed and your cake just sounds like the perfect recipe for that! I will let you know how it goes!

  57. Mmmmmm, looks divine! Your challenges always turn out so gorgeous!

  58. Well, I’m not sure the fact that it was flourless was what made it fabulous… I think without even tasting it, one could say that your presentation is so spectacular, it makes the experience… fabulous, on its own! Bravo.

  59. Everything looks lovely!

  60. COCONUT CHai ice cream sounds amazing. I can’t wait to try.

  61. Fabulous, flourless & plated to perfection. Delectable indeed Hannah. Very very nice!

  62. Must try black eyed peas in cake…! I love the fact that we vegans can make these decadent things without all those eggs- AMAZING!

  63. The crumb of this cake looks absolutely splendid!

  64. How lovely and yummy sounding!

  65. fantastic job , Hannah! Looks delish!

  66. Chai icecream sounds utterly divine! I’ve got to try this! Thanks for sharing another of your delicious creations!

  67. I came by from Flickr! U have an amazing place here. Each & all of your recipes & pics rock !! I’ll add u to my links.

  68. that looks gorgeous, the ice creams sounds amazing too.

  69. Coconut chai ice cream.. oh my! I love the different flavours of ice cream some have come up with. Yours sounds so amazing and the presentation of the cake is lovely!

  70. Well done and great job on your challenge. Love the shape of the cake and the plating.

  71. That ice-cream sounds divine!

  72. Geoffrey (my partner) made the ice cream two nights ago this week. It is absolutely delicious ! Thanks so much for the recipe !!

  73. Hannah – How much more chocolate did you add in this version? And which kind – the chips or powder? I loved the black eyed pea cake and would love to try this version. The ice cream sounds delicious, too!

  74. You did a phenomenal job plating– it looks like it came from a fancy restaurant.

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