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When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie-


-That’s the next Daring Baker Challenge!

I’ve got to admit, when this theme was announced, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Sure, pizza is delicious and fun to make, but really… Where’s the challenge? For as long as I can remember, my parents have made their own pizza dough, and even as a wee little pup, I would get in on the act and help out. It’s not a daily occurrence, but it just didn’t excite me. Of course, that’s until I read the catch; These pizzas were to be made “like a real pizzaiolo,” requiring that we toss the dough around like a frisbee.

Okay, not exactly like a frisbee, but I had about as much finesse when I went to do this task. Warming up for a moment, stretching the dough between my hands, I wound up, let it fly… and folded it right in half. The poor blob of dough collapsed and sank into itself like a deflated tamale, sealed tightly to itself for fear of being flung into the sky again. How I wish I could have let that dough just lie there, but no, there was a Daring Baker challenge to be done. Rolling it back out, I perched it upon my knuckles again, and… Punched a hole straight through it. What had this pizza ever done to deserve this abuse? Feeling terribly about my destructive attempts, I decided that the dough had already suffered enough, and the tossing requirement should be considered fulfilled.

With that, trusty rolling pin in hand, it was no time before a beautiful pie came out of the oven.

Check out that smooth tomato sauce, the crumbled cheese, those spicy peperoni… Wait, what?

Kidding, of course! Spread with strawberry jam and topped with white chocolate curls and pieces of fruit leather, it only looks like a savory meal. Wanting desperately to return to sweets and pastries for these challenges, I took the liberty of turning this challenge into just that. Fruity, crispy, and gooey all at the same time, it was definitely worth the anguish of manipulating that dough. The crust was ultra-thin, just the way I like it, and made for excellent textural contrast with the topping.

Having plenty of extra dough on hand, I made a second, less convincing dessert pizza as well. Spread with a thick layer of crunchy peanut butter and then drizzled with chocolate and caramel, sliced almonds complete this decadent, nutty concoction. It certainly wouldn’t fool anyone, but it may be more well received by those with a serious sweet tooth.

Although I wouldn’t have chosen this one myself, I’m glad that we got the chance to approach pizza making in a different way, if only for the experience. Oh, and that extra dough I still had after those two pies were done…?

Sprinkle on some cinnamon sugar, roll ’em up, drizzle them with icing, and call them cinnamon buns!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

71 thoughts on “When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie-

  1. Creative as always! Everything looks so delicious Hannah!!

  2. looks very yummy! : )

  3. very creative. those little cinnamon buns look great!

  4. What a great way to use up the leftover dough! And you certainly had me fooled with that first pizza. I thought those slices were beetroot! :D

  5. Wonderful pizza’s! Have made a similar one last year with brioche dough, strawberry jam and white chocolate :)
    The second one looks tempting, yum!
    Love the little cinnamon buns you made.

    Still have to try tossing….hope it works!

  6. I just made a boring pizza with a hearty topping. Next time I try yours. Love it!

  7. Really pretty and perfect! Your pizzas are awesome! Very well done! I particularly like the second one…



  8. The beautiful colors of some pizzas … sweets.Copio the good work idea.xoxo

  9. Thats so cool! Sweet things are always best after all, I love your creativity ! And the cinammon buns look adorable and delicous…….:D x

  10. i have made a dessert pizza before just like that but using sugar cookie dough for the crust. it got rave reviews!

  11. Now THAT’S amore – holy freaking yum!!

  12. What a great way to meet the challenge! I think the PB/caramel version would be my fave, but they all look delicious!

  13. Holy cow, can I come over right now and eat those?? They look DELICIOUS – and you used my favorite ingredient of all time, peanut butter!!

  14. Tossing that dough was rough, huh? I had similar problems!! And now I’m definitely tempted to make a dessert pizza with the leftover dough…. and the cinnamon rolls sound even better!

  15. I love the “April Fools” option, my kids would love it!!

  16. Why didn’t I think of making cinnamon buns with the leftover dough??? Great idea. Nice job, you had me fooled on the strawberry pizza for a moment…

  17. your sweet pizzas look amazing. I also had tossing issues although it didn’t fold in mid air, the dough was just too soft

  18. You pizza is picture perfect!Love it!

  19. Love your sweet pizzas! Now I’ve got some good ideas for my remaining ball of dough. Yummm! Nicely done!

  20. would it be too much trouble to have that peanut butter pizza delivered to my house?
    sweet, thanks. ;)

  21. I love your sweet pizzas and the fake out one looks so fun!

  22. That PB one is calling my name! Delicious! And cinnamon rolls – great idea!!!

  23. your pizza look so beautiful….

  24. My mouth is watering! You sweet pizzas look and sound amazing. I don’t know a much better combination than peanut butter and chocolate!

  25. oh yum – jam pizza!

    I was signed up for that challenge but I just never got around to it, kind of sad I didn’t now!!

  26. LOL. I “roll” my pizza dough too. I don’t think there is any shame in that. Better that than dropping it on the floor and wasting it! ;) Besides – look at all the other lovely things you were able to do with it. Love those sweet pizzas and the cinnamon rolls. Yum!

  27. Cinnamon buns made from pizza dough? You’re a genius!

  28. Great job, Hannah! Your pizza did fool me – but I thought they were vegan pepperoni, of course!

    That peanut butter pizza would make my day. I’ll have to give it a try!

  29. Tips on throwing dough from an ex pizza-cook (ah the days before I realized my gluten intolerance. Alas, no more pizza throwing for me.)–
    1. Let the dough rest in the refrigerator for a day or two before using. I don’t know why, but this is key to stretchy dough. Also it helps to ‘bloom’ the yeast as usual, but use only a portion of the water for that, then use *cold* water for the rest.
    2. Don’t let the refrigerated dough get too warm–just below room temp is perfect. Too warm = too soft.
    3. Pat out the dough in a disc shape with a thicker edge. You need the edge to make the physics of throwing the dough work.
    4. Toss the disc back and forth between your hands vertically (the motion is horizontal, the dough is vertical), allowing the heavier edge to stretch the dough out slowly. Basically catch the dough along the top edge as you throw it back and forth, tossing a little so that the dough rotates. Ooh. That’s hard to explain. I’d make a video to post but i can’t risk the wheat flour in my house. :-( Anyway, once the dough is somewhat stretched, then you can try getting your hands under it to spin it up in the air. woohoo!
    5. When I learned how to do this, they had us practice with a damp bar towel. That helps you learn the motion you need to toss the dough so it doesn’t fold up.

    lovelovelove the dessert pizza idea, though. Might have to try a GF variation if I can find GF pizza dough I like. Hm. maybe a giant GF pancake?

  30. I love the dessert pizzas you made. lt sounds really difficult, but I want to try tossing dough!

  31. Awesome, I love the sweet/savory flip. And I would never have thought to turn it into cinnamon buns – lucky me, I still have a couple dough balls left!

  32. Wow, how creative! That pb pie is calling my name, not to mention the cinnamon rolls. Great job!

  33. I would have never thought of sweet toppings! It looks delicious.

  34. wonderfully creative, and so brilliant, Hannah! mmmmmmmmmm! all your pizza treats look super stellar! i am craving cinnamon buns now. yay!

  35. I would definitely go for the PB pizza. Who can resist PB and chocolate? And great use of the extra dough!

  36. You had me fooled with the first pizza! Great job and I love the little cinnamon buns.

  37. I am really impressed. You turned the challenge into what you wanted. I love the idea of the sweet toppings. Very nice, indeed.

  38. Great idea with using sweet stuff. Love the cinnamon rolls. Good work!

  39. perfection as always. I loved the trompe l’oeil-ness of your pizzas. I did a whole trompe l’oeil dinner recently for Halloween.

  40. Nice job! Beautiful pics and creative execution, as always! Wish we could swap slices. ;)

  41. I love your sweet little pizza, but what you did with the extra dough is even better!

  42. You are the best! The moch peperonni pizza is too much!

  43. Ooooh…I’d like a slice of both please! How wonderful. Both sound incredibly delicious!

  44. wow so lovely and so creative …. I always adore your bakes! so slick!

  45. Ooh, I almost gave in to the temptation of making cinnamon buns myself! Next time…

  46. pizza dough cinnamon rolls–yum! and love the “pepperoni”…you would have fooled me!

  47. Nice creativity on this one! I love the little cinnabons.

    I don’t know why, but the tossing thing actually worked for me. It stretched out nicely and formed a round shape!

  48. Great idea for the topping. I have to try that – I never had a sweet pizza before. I love cinnamon buns – have to try that next time.

    Great photos!

  49. I LOVE those little cinnamon rolls! I usually have scraps of pizza dough left and now I know what to do with them. I kinda just want to make a pizza now just so I can try the idea. hehe

  50. You totally had me fooled with that pizza! I was wondering what odd-looking cheese you used….

  51. Love the creative pizza ideas, the jam one especially! And, those cute little cinnamon buns are hard to beat! Looks delish, as always.

  52. BEAUTIFUL job Hannah!…I love the sweet take on the pizza, and the mini cinnamon buns are an inspired idea :)

  53. I’m impressed with how round you got the pie with the rolling pin. And it has a raised edge! The little cinnamon buns are really cute too.

  54. YUM! that peanut butter pizza looks so good. I’m gonna have to try that one!

  55. I smiled at your first pizza as B. wanted me to do something like that and the voices in my head automatically replied “nahnahnah! Not hearing you!”….just to contradict him!!
    It looks fabulous and so does the peanut butter and chocolate one! Well done as always!

  56. Jam on pizza sounds like the way to go. Very creative.

  57. You’re creative to turn the remaining dough into cinnamon buns!

  58. Those are some fantastic looking dessert pizzas! I love the little fruit leather pepperoni’s…I totally thought that was a savoury pizza at first.

  59. Wow! A fab cookie monster munching down and 2 beautiful pizzas, along with some cinnamon buns. You were a baking goddess…plus you did a fabulous job on everything.
    I’m sure the cookie monster helped a lot.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  60. I had planned on doing a sweet version, but we just kept eating them savory till I had no dough left!

  61. I struggled with the dough, too. Couldn’t tell with how your finished pipzzas came out, though!

  62. I love your sweet take on this theme… Great pizza and cinnamon buns!

  63. well you almost fooled me with the first pizza – I just figured you’d used a vegan alternative and it looked kinda odd. :-)

  64. I was thinking that first pizza looked kind of odd… I thought oh maybe vegan cheese REALLY doesn’t melt. I love that you made little cinnamon buns out of the extra dough! The world (and I) need more cinnamon buns!

  65. Ooh, you win the challenge in my book!

  66. LOVE the sweetza! It’s all just so cute!

  67. I love your sweet pizza pie! Unfortunately my pizzaiolo skills were not up for this challenge (at all), but it made for an entertaining post.

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