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Putting the “Art” Back in Pop Tarts


No matter how much I love to cook and bake, it seems like my efforts are rarely destined for my own mouth. Birthday cakes and bake sale cookies flood the kitchen in a torrent, flying out of the oven faster than I can slide more in, let alone snag a sample for myself. Not a minute to cool on the counter, they parade out the door to their various destinations, never to be seen again, along with whatever platter accompanied them. Though it’s funny to think that perhaps the recipients were so ravenous as to eat through the sweets and straight into the plate, I’ve lost more than my fair share of serving ware this way. Glass and ceramic slabs aside, the real loss is spare time in which to prepare food for myself, since dirtying more dishes or firing up the oven yet again are rarely appealing by the time meals come around after my usual baking frenzies.

Meals usually consist of simple things straight out of the fridge such as plain old veggies and fruits, or if the pantry’s goods are particularly alluring when I scavenge through them, the typical assortment of cereals and junk foods. Pulling these items from the far ends of the food pyramid keeps it all in balance, right? Well, don’t tell me if I’m wrong, because the convenience factor is often more valuable than the nutrition at this point. Running around madly to keep up with school, writing, crafting, etc, it’s good enough that I have enough fuel to keep running sometimes. In fact, it was my lucky day when I came downstairs for breakfast and saw a delicious looking toaster tart already waiting for me, unwrapped and clearly waiting to be eaten.

Well, I certainly didn’t need any further invitation (Lest the real owner of that treat return to claim it) and I reached down hastily without further though. Immediately I noticed that it felt different than your garden-variety hand pie, so I took a closer look at my newly acquired prize. Giving it a gentle squeeze to examine what sort of filling could be residing between these odd sheets of dough, I must have looked as though I stuck my finger in an electrical socket when I reeled back in surprise at what came out.

Good thing I didn’t absent mindedly shovel the whole thing into my mouth! Turns out it wasn’t a sweet snack at all, but a cell phone cozy instead! I swear, only in my house do such absurd possibilities exist! However, if you’d like such strange occurrences in your own home, you can now make your very own faux pop tart using the following pattern. Very easy and straight forward, even beginning knitters will find it to be a breeze to complete, with fabulous results. Although it won’t satiate your craving for sweets, it will satisfy your need to knit!

Please note that this pattern calls for color work called “intarsia,” and when switching colors the two strands of yarn must be twisted together or else the piece will not hold together, as many earlier crafters have found. For further help on color work, please refer to this video tutorial here.

With US size 5 straight needles and tan worsted weight yarn, CO 15 sts

Beginning with a k row, knit in st st for 42 rows

K2 sts in tan, switch to pink yarn and k11 sts, switch back to tan for the remaining 2 sts

Repeat this color scheme in st st for 25 rows

Starting with a p row, switch back to using only tan yarn, and knit in st st for an additional 5 rows


To assemble, fold your long rectangle in half and sew up the two longest sides using a whip stitch. Embroider rainbow-colored bugle beads for sprinkles onto the pink area, or get creative – Try different decorations like embroidering squiggles for contrasting icing, or interesting beads for shaped sprinkles! With different colors and materials, the possibilities are endless! For extra security, sew a small snap onto the inside at the very top of the pouch, to prevent your phone from falling out.

Keep those phones warm and comfortable, but resist the urge to chow down on your new toaster tart! They may have plenty of fiber, but I’m sure you can still find a more nutritious breakfast instead!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

75 thoughts on “Putting the “Art” Back in Pop Tarts

  1. That is such a cute idea, it looks great.

  2. Fabulous! I’m going to HAVE to make one for my PDA!

  3. This is a great idea! Where do you come up with this stuff!?! Well, I’m going to have to make one of these for my sister, as I know she’ll love it. Thanks for sharing yet another awesome pattern!

  4. Pop tarts! Haven’t had one of those in years! Yours looks great and is very clever, thank you for sharing the pattern.

  5. this is so awesome i don’t even know where to begin. you rock!

    deliciously nerdy!

  6. Gah! This is too friggin cool…thanks for the idea!

  7. Looks good enough to eat!

  8. Oh, i love this! I was just thinking to myself that my cell phone needs a new cozy and voila, here’s yours to inspire me! Great work – i also love the detail on your phone – i have the same phone but the bunny and cherry blossoms add a lovely touch.

  9. first i love your blog!
    second i had a question,
    i haven’t really tried anything in knitting that is more difficult than k1 p1 so when i got to the icing part of the pop tart i got a little confused.
    then i was knitting it up the brown and the pink yarn never really connected.
    do you know what i might be doing wrong?
    thank you

  10. This is so cute, I’m knitting it right now, actually. But I’m doing mine in a cotton yarn, it looks like you may have used acrylic. I’m thinking the acrylic looks nicer. I’ll post pictures on my blog when I’m finished so you can see mine. ;-)

  11. i luv this pattern! i already knitted a cozy for my phone, so i’m making one for my ipod!

  12. Hi There – What a great pattern! I’ve added a link to it from the Free Pattern directory on The Daily Knitter at Would you be so kind as to add a link on your site to us? Thanks, Corinne, The Daily Knitter

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  14. This is so cute!! Great the way i like the name bittersweet, i always liked it..cause i like that song Bittersweet Simphony by The Verve!! Cool page..

  15. just wanted to say thanks for the help.
    my poptart came out great!!!

  16. This pattern is so deliciously cute! I’m definetly making one 4 my iPod!!!

  17. Very cute. I have linked to you on my site Crafty Crafty on a post about the iPhone, but I’d love to also feature your pop tart soon if that’s ok!

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  19. awsome!!!

  20. I’m all about the ‘toaster pastries’, especially ones with high fiber content.

  21. Yours is my new favorite knitting site! I just got a new Blackberry and will knit up a cozy for it tonight. I travel alot for busniess and knitting on planes and in lonely hotel room keeps me sane. Now I’ll have a nice handmade cell case instead of the generic black leather.

    Question, I knitting small pouches to hold Mulling Spices to give out with wine for my customers this Christmas. Any ideas or patterns out there?

  22. I’m a little confused with the frosting part.

    “K2 sts in tan, switch to pink yarn and k11 sts, switch back to tan for the remaining 2 sts”

    Are you twisting the tan and pink yarn as you go or separating them somehow?

    By the way, I’m absolutely in love with the pattern concept!

  23. this is so cute.

    i’ve gotten to the icing part and decided to start and stop the tan. and now there are holes… :( sounds like the same problem that ‘theloneknitta’ had…

    is the tan suppose to be carried on over on the wrong side?

    i can’t seem to figure it out…i haven’t really tried any color changes before and my brain isn’t wrapping around this problem..

    if you can help thanks :)

  24. Wow I can’t wait to try it

  25. I think that I’ve pretty much got the same problem as some others. When I got to the frosting part it was seperate from the 2 tan stitches on each side. If you can help that would be great. Love the pattern, I want to make one for me and then one for my sister.

  26. Another adorable way for me to carry my phone. I LOVE it! Thanks for the cute pattern.

  27. What a great pattern. Thank you for posting it. I’ll make one too for my daughter’s ipod.
    By the way, where did you get the stickers for your cellphone?

  28. So cute!
    now i have to make one =)

  29. =D Yum! Finally, a gift I can knit for my sisters fake cell phone. I wonder if it would come in handy as a smelly satchel?

  30. I was just poking through knitting patterns, and I found this lovely treat! I’m definitely going to make this for my ipod, and maybe a couple as christmas presents.

    Thanks for the pattern! =]

  31. Is there a way to get this pattern for Crochet?

  32. I’m absolutely clueless with knitting, and I love the idea of this as a cozy for my iPod Classic. Is there anyone who is interested in making this and I can pay them for their work and supplies? I’m even happy to pay the creator of the pattern, as well. Just thought I’d throw that out there in case it’s possible. If not, I’ll just admire. :)

  33. tee hee! this is so cute, so funny! I almost never knit for myself, but I just might have to for this. Thanks!

  34. I love it! but i cant knit. can i just buy one in some more colors, for my brother’s birthday.
    i would want one for an ipod touch


  36. Thanks so much for this neat project idea! it’s so cute!

    Now, re: Josie’s comment

    I just made a version for myself using single crochet, and it was super easy – I worked it in one piece that I ended up folding in half (so it looked like a file folder) and then joining the two open sides so that my mp3 player could slip into it. I didn’t write out instructions, but if you just work it in sc, measuring it against whatever you are making it to fit, you shouldn’t have much trouble. I used a 3.75mm hook, and worsted weight yarn.
    Good luck!

  37. so sweet i love to knit food so this is perfect

  38. OK, that is really, really adorable. I have always previously scoffed at the need to “cozy” everything, but this? I can really see myself making. Great job. I think I’ll put your blog on my reader!

  39. Never have I seen a project not onlty fast and easy but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!

    I am a medically-retired Vet and I love to knit at my “good” times, and your project is “just what the DR ordered”

    Thank-you and Bless you too

    Signed Carol (aka: Crystal Rose)

  40. I was so inspired by this! I absolutely love your blog, and I tell people about it all the time! I don’t knit, and so I drafted a pattern in crochet.

    If you’d like to see it, it’s here:

    Thank you for being such an inspiration!


  41. Incredible! I have to make one! Thanks for developing this tasty thing! : )

  42. *squeal!* i love it! ♥

  43. This is so cute! Thanks for sharing. My daughter would love it.

  44. It is so adorable, I seriously just want to eat it in one big bite!

    Love your work :)

  45. Too cute! I made one for my niece at the last minute and she liked it!

  46. I love this I crocheted a cozy without much personality but am going to make one of these for my Iphone. What makes if extra cool is I use the name PoptartLover for a lot of my screen names like Ravelry. MC :-)

  47. so cute. my new phone needs some protecting. time to bust of the needles. thanks! (:

  48. this is very very cool

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  50. Too cute! I love this. I am definately inspired. Got anything for a trusty-rusty bulky cell?

  51. I made a pop tart cover for my Ipod touch! (before i found this pattern) and it’s completely crochet but surprisingly similar results. I was craving one so i just started hooking it :O

  52. Your pop tart is really cute and probably more nutritious than the real thing!

    I must make some of these (closed-ended and not for a cell phone) for my grand-daughter as part of her knitted play foods set. She’ll be thrilled! Thanks many times over.

  53. This is so cute! The only problam… I would get hungry all the time. haha, I am totally gonna make it!

  54. An idea for those who read this blog which I am excited I just found… I made (crochet, but I am sure you could do it with knit as well) a poptart card holder. Same look, but folds open and closed with two “filling” colored sections on the inside that you can slip cards into.

  55. I’m going to make one of these for my iPod!

  56. Thanks for the pattern, I’m making like… 6 or seven of these for my little sister’s play set.

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  58. What are the dimensions of the pop-tart case. Looks very cute. Do you have a felted Iphone cozy pattern/ Thank you!

  59. cooleo

  60. or for a younger kid version, you could sew two pieces of felt together to form the cozy, that cut out a pink blob of felt and hot glue or sew it on top

  61. I’ve done tons of cell phone cases, but this is by far the best ever!

  62. this turned out great! i was wondering if i could sell the finished product on my etsy account?

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  64. This pattern is so cute! How did you get the beads to stay on?
    This will be my first project using intarsia knitting. Wish me luck!
    :) <3 xoxo

    • Hi Shelby,

      I sewed the beads on after the knitting was completed, using invisible thread (it’s clear and somewhat like very thin plastic.) Just make sure you choose a very thin needle that your beads will be able to easily slide over.

      Happy crafting!

  65. What a wonderful pattern! Thank you so much. Your link has pride of place listing on our Free Knitting Patterns Online

  66. WOW nice pouch to hold cell phone.

  67. this is soooooooooo cute!

  68. Does it fit an iPhone I love the idea

    • I’m afraid it would probably be a little bit small for an iPhone, but it can be adjusted accordingly. Just measure it against your phone as you knit to make sure it’s the right size, and add a few extra “frosting” stitches to the center as necessary. Knit a few extra rows to make sure it covers the length as well. Let me know if you give it a try!

      • It actually worked perfect just following the pattern but I used size 6 needles instead of 5 so that probably helped.

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