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Birds of a Feather


Our kitchen is the only area of the house that enjoys large stretches of clear glass windows, greeting and welcoming the rising sun more enthusiastically than any other room. That could at least partially explain why I spend far more time there than in my own room, where even the wide open curtains only let in the faintest sliver of light, only a mere suggestion that it might in fact be day time. Like a moth drawn to the light, I’m likely to be found basking in the glow emitted by the row of windows adjacent to the fully transparent door downstairs, in the presence of all cooking activities surrounding. As much as I love this bright space, there are times when I curse the carefully constructed layout. It’s not entirely unusual to hear a sickening thud out of no where, and it’s instantly understood that another short-sighted bird mistook the solid surface as an opening.

If this happens when I’m around to hear it, I try to make sure that the feathered creature is alright, if a bit embarrassed. Although there’s little I could really do to help if they had seriously injured themselves, it’s a relief to know that my services are rarely need. Only once did the bird in question not immediately flutter off, shaken but stable. Looking more than a little dazed, I invited a particularly stricken victim of misperception inside to gather his wits and take a small breather. Accompanied shortly by two other worried friends, I asked them all to stay a bit, not wanting anyone to get left behind.

With both caretakers at his sides, it was no time before the whole trio was ready to set off again, behind schedule but wiser for the unexpected pit stop. Now I can fully appreciate when people put seemly absurd stickers on large glass surfaces, warning others to look where they’re going. Obvious to humans (in most cases), but a bird flying at high speed might not look twice otherwise. Maybe it’s time to invest in something of that sort, although unfortunately, I doubt that many of my winged friends will be able to read the warnings.

Birds are still a joy to have around for company, and if there were a way to have more of them stop in without literally hitting the side of the house, I think it would be the best for all of us. Visitors like the ones pictured here are extremely gracious guests, not at all demanding, and always courteous to their hosts, not to mention a snap to make. Requiring only the most basic crocheting competency and smallest amount of yarn, why don’t you adopt a few today?


Using an F hook and worsted weight yarn in the color of your choice, sc 6 into a circle
Sc2 into each st (12 sts)
Sc 1, sc2 into next st* around (18 sts)
Sc 2, sc2 into next st* around (24 sts)
Sc around
Sc 3, sc2 into next st* around (30 sts)
Sc around for 10 rounds
Sc 3, sc2 tog* around (24 sts)
Sc 2, sc2 tog* around (18 sts)
Sc 1, sc2 tog* around (12 sts)
Sc2tog around (6 sts)

Wings (Make 2):

Sc 6 into a circle
Sc2 into each st (12 sts)
Sc 3, sc2 into next st (15 sts)
Sc around for 3 rounds


Sc6 into a circle
Sc2 into each st (12 sts)
Sc2 into each st (24 sts)


Stuff body firmly, gather remaining 6 stitches together and tie tightly. Fold tail in half and sew around outside edge. Sew tail with the flat (inner part) lined up with the last of plain single crochet on the body. With wings about halfway on the body, sew them on so that they are symmetrical, and the tail remains centered between them. Embellish with felt beak and plastic eyes.

Make a whole family, because birds of a feather flock together!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

248 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather

  1. those are so adorable! i don’t really crochet (i’ve crocheted one hat) but i might have to figure out how to crochet in rounds because those are so cute!

  2. What cuties! I might just make some of these guys for my niece, thanks for the pattern! I wonder if I could find a decorative bird cage at the craft store? Hmm……. the possibilities…….

  3. I’m so going to give these a try. They’re adorable!

    By the by, Ren, I’m going to do a N00b Monday post on crocheting in the round so maybe it’ll help.

  4. Thanks for this pattern! I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out favors for my son’s 2yr birthday… now I know what to make. How big are they?

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i like them

  6. I have made the body for this little bird but am having the darnest time with the wings!! I get to the sc3 sc2 in next sts around (15sts) and I keep coming up short!! I haven’t a clue how I keep doing that but i am!! i will get the wings done if it’s the last thing i do!! I love your patterns!! Thanks!

  7. My first bird is done! Getting the wings to be symmetrical was the hardest thing to do, and even then, they still are NOT! I will send you a pic… but I need to get out and get something to use for the eyes. I might have those little eyes that wiggle around left over from something I did for my wedding. I have no felt whatsoever, but I am looking around my house for something that I can use. I tried knitting a beak, but that didn’t work out.

    • omg!!!! this birds sre so cute!!!! im am a 12 yr old girl trying to crochet but its so hard i know the stitches but making them into something is imppossible please e mial me som tips and pionters is just to hard!!!

      • i feel like a failure everyone finds it so easy except me i guess i will never bee able to crochet too bad becuase soo many things r soo cute!!! >:(

      • Hey Kimberly don’t give up. I’m 23 and am just as lost! I have to keep trying, trying and trying again! Don’t give up, patience and practice and getting someone to help u helps as well! Have u checked out the how to’s on youtube????

      • Hi, maybe these videos will help others with the same problems!?
        I’m 33 and crocheting for the first time. I was hopeless before, but with these instructions, it all worked out very easy!

      • omg Im 12 too!!!!!!! Anyways whats your email?????
        Been crocheting for about 5 years now. :-)
        by the way great sites like these are meant for sharing!!!

      • hun i have been crocheting sense i was 8 and the first time i tried to make anything i was very very frustrated at how hard it was. but my aunt the one that taught me how told me that if i slowed down and had some one read the pattern out loud to me and i do it while they read it it miht make more sense. i am now 29 years old and i still call my mother or a friend when i have a pattern i cant seem to get and have them read it to me while i stitch it. i havent made these little birds yet i am just getting started, i would be happy to help you any way i can. if you have any questions or would like patterns for something let me know and i will c if i can get you some that are fun and easy. if your parents will let you you can email me at peewee.rissa @

      • Don’t give up. When I started crocheting, It took me hours to learn how to chain and it took me months to crochet a pencil case and still it was only half done! Plus mostly my mom help me. But Now, I finally know how to crochet properly :D

      • Here is a very helpful video for crocheting in the round. Here is another video that teaches you to crochet a ball. I hope these help you out Kimberly, and I hope you can figure it out. Remember, practice is perfect :)

      • Dont give up Kimberly! im 9 and crochets like a pro, tho i still have a LOT of issues!!
        Dont give up! just keep trying and you will get it right!!

  8. I have finished my first little bird! I just have to put the beak on!! Will post a picture at flickr!! Thank you so much for this cute pattern!!

  9. I posted my little birdie at flickr!! I hope he will like his new home!!

  10. Hello, I’ve made a bird using your pattern and have posted it at flickr. It was my first amigurumi and your pattern was very easy to follow. Thanks.

  11. Thank you for sharing the instructions of this lovely bird … I must try it…

  12. cute and thank you for sharing your pattern

  13. Wow – those are so very, very, very cute.

    I’ve been trying to think of what to make up next and now I am going to rush off to buy some bright wool so that I can make up a few of these.

    Thanks so much for posting this pattern!

  14. Lovely!! The photos are adorable and the story is as well! Will be making a few freinds for our Green Cheek Conures tonight!

  15. thanks for sharing the pattern, i will give it a try. Not sure if i could make this.

  16. Just wondering where can I get those plastic animal eyes?

    Any information will be appreciated.


  17. I found some at JoAnn in several different sizes. I tend to go with the 9mm, myself. And they’re “cheep cheep cheep”!

  18. These are about the cutest little chickies that I have ever seen. Thank you for posting your pattern.
    Gotta run, though, I have 60 kazillion chickies to make now.
    Thanks again.
    ; )

  19. Incredibly Cute, thank you so much for sharing!

    (The pictures are wonderful too btw!)

  20. Hi Hannah,

    Hope you have a fantastic time jet-setting off to Japan.

    I just thought that I would let you know that I finally managed to make up some of these cute little birds which I’ve sent as Easter presents to some of my friends. I’ve taken some photos (a little blurry) and I’ve put them up on my flickr account at:

  21. thank you for sharing the little birds pattern…today was an especially blue day …
    those adorable birds just brought a smile to my face………..

  22. Thank you for the pattern, I made one today to send to a person who has Cancer and is stuck in a icky hospital. A friend turned me onto your site! Thanks … you can see the photo at

  23. I see somehow I posted an automatic comment above. But these are mine: thanks for the pattern!!
    Vrolijk Pasen! Happy Easter!

  24. they are soooo cute. when ´ve done my knitting, i gonna try to make some of them
    thanks for sharing the pattern.

  25. These are so cute. I dont crochet, I knit. Could you send me the pattern with a picture of the birds. I would love to try to make these. Thanks alot.

  26. WOOHOO!!! A pattern for a bird I can get into!!! I’ll be making crows and blue jays and purple jays….hee hee hee!!

  27. I had the same guilt-inducing problem with occasional bird collisions on my
    new paneless living room windows. There are subtle decals whidh can be put on windows to deter bird strikes. Google “window alert” for information.

  28. Me think this is TOO cute!

  29. Oh the cuteness, I love the bright colors.

  30. Very cute! Now, to make a birdcage for them ;)

  31. cute, cute, cute. i made my own punk rock bluebird from your pattern–complete with a mohawk!

  32. I made a set of these for a friend’s birthday. They came out SOOOO cute!!! I couldn’t find the smaller eyes, but I think the bigger ones turned out just as cute. I posted them on flickr:

    You should start a flickr group for photos made from your patterns, if there’s not one already. I’m going to make the pop tart cell phone case. If the pattern was available for the little strawberry tart – I’d make that, too. It’s ADORABLE! :)

    Thanks for a great, cute, easy to make pattern.

  33. Very cute! I really want to make one for everyone I know, and a great way to use up scraps. Just one question: Did you make it in a spiral or do you connect at the end of each row.


  34. Thank you so much for sharing the pattern! I love your photos…thanks again!

  35. hi,

    thank you so much for the pattern, the birds are so cute and so fast and much fun to crochet. ^^

    i’ve got a german blog and when i posted some pictures of them, people asked me if i could translate the pattern into german. i just wanted to ask if it’s ok. ^^ of course you’re linked and there is a note that it’s not my pattern.

    thanks again ^^


  36. SO CUTE. I’m making one. Right now.

  37. Oh…that is sooooooo cute….I cant wait to try this out.

  38. quiero hacerlo!!!

    pero veré si entiendo en ingles…

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  40. I made a little bird…here’s a link (although, I see a trackback above.) Thanks again for the pattern. I think next time I will only do 5 rounds of single crochet in the middle instead of 10 – I like how round your birds are. I think doing 10 made my birds more like footballs :)

  41. *squeeeeeee* I am going to drop everything and make a passel of these little guys. Thanks for the pattern! :)

  42. estan geniales los pajaritos¡¡¡

  43. I just made my first birdie and I love him!!! Thank you for the pattern!!

  44. We have had that happen to us, too. Just recently the bird had bled onto the rock below him. :( My son brought him a (styrofoam) bowl full of bird seed and a bowl of water. :[ He did fly up to the fence after about twenty minutes, but I don’t know if he was okay or not after that… Anyway~ your birds are adorable!! I have been wanting to make one forever. I should just take a breather from my other projects and make one real quick. Thank you for sharing!

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  46. hi, i’ve tried making the bird, but am not understanding the pattern. when it says there should be 30 stitches, there always ends up being more. could you explain??

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  48. Soo cute! Thank you soo much for sharing the pattern. I love this little birdy. :)

  49. I’m so making a ton of these!!

  50. Thank you for this little pattern. They are so cute !!!
    kiss from france.

  51. they’re so sweet… I should go and make one ^^

  52. awwww
    these lil birds are so cute
    i have birds as pets so i cant wait to have a stuffed one
    and thx for the pattern

  53. These are cute! I made one for my 1 year old daughter. I didn’t put eyes or a beak on due to choking hazard. She loves her duck! My other children are also begging for a duck. Thank you for sharing the pattern.

  54. These are so so so so so so cute i’m going to make tons



  57. so freakin cute. i shrunk the pattern and made micro bird balls. they’re hilarious.

  58. These little guys are so cute! I made one myself… He is a big little window bird. My cat kinda stares at him wondering why he is in her window! Thanks again for such an awesome pattern.

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  60. Those are so cute!!
    I wish I knew how to crochet anything other then chains…

  61. linked my version of the birds in the url above!

    this is the first real crochet pattern i’ve followed. thanks for posting it!

  62. haha… you are soooo creative… not just your pattern but your story!! love them! thanks for your generosity in sharing…. U R PRECIOUS!

  63. Hey girl. I finally got around to finishing my birds and I posted them on my blog. Thought you might want to see them. You are so creative. Keep it up.

  64. These were great to work up. I also stuck to chopsticks in their butts and it looks like legs. My mother in law uses them as plant buddies. they stick in the dirt without messing up the bird. Thanks for sharing the pattern.


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  66. I LOVE THEM! They are so stinkin cute. I have made so many I have families. Thank you!

  67. Thanks for a quick and adorable pattern! I made one for my niece for Easter – and crocheted a little egg for it to live in too.

  68. I am trying to maek these nice little birdies, but unfortunately I am having problems converting the abreviations into English abreviations/stitches.

    Would anyone be able to help please?

  69. Hi! I translated this pattern to Portuguese on my blog.
    If you want to take a look, the address is this, wrote here. :)

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  73. Darling! Thanks for the pattern! Goin’ to make some up right now!

  74. So sweet and so cute.Thanks for sharing..

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  78. what kind of glue have you guys been using to attach the beak? I used some type of stretchable fabric glue, and it doesn’t seem to be working (it’s “Aleene’s” glue from Michael’s)…..any suggestions?

    thank you for sharing your cute and easy pattern!

  79. Those look adorable!! I can’t wait to try them! I’m a beginner at amigurumi, but these are right up my alley!

    I’m going to teach a friend how to make them and I think we’ll use this pattern to start.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  80. And here’s my attempt. I managed to lose count in the middle so mine has not quite enough rows ^^;; oops!

    She’s a wee bit squished.

    Your pattern instructions were GREAT though! I’m going to try another one and keep more careful count :)

  81. So cute! must find time to make one…

  82. Thanks so much for this pattern. It was my first amigurumi and now I use the skills I learned making this as the base for all the designs I’ve made since then!

  83. hahaha these ar totally 2 cute… i wish i had a bit better yarn though- and i did it a bit tighter cuz mine is kind of full of holes… and the wings are not even, and the tail isn’t centered :'( ah well maybe i will try to make a new one later.

  84. ooh can’t wait to try him out! soooo cute! ♥

  85. i LUV this pattern! i have already started one. they are soooooooo cute!

  86. Hello. I just learned how to crochet, but still have a little trouble understanding how to read the patterns. Can anyone explain a little more on this pattern? I was taught visually and unfortunately the person that taught me doesn’t read english, so I have no one to help me. What do the asterisks mean? Or might I be able to get this pattern in spanish? Thanks for any help.

  87. THANK YOU! I just finished my first chickie; his name is Eugene (he is yellow, enjoys surfing the internet, and reading manga in his spare time).
    Eugene is my first amigurumi and yes, I AM HOOKED! :)
    <3 Alicia and Eugene

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  90. Great post and fantastic art.

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  92. I tied some contrasting yarn to the top of the chick for a fuzzy topknot. Looks real cute. I like these for little extra in baby gifts.

  93. I may be the last crafty person to find this pattern, but there are a bunch of these that need to be made—STAT. May the gods help me, I am a high school teacher, and these would be perfect “whoever is holding the beastie gets to speak” classroom accessory. A little superincrediblystrong glue on the beak and eyes, and it may be kidproofed.

    I also knit and crochet at meetings where there are younger kids who find my activities fascinating; these would be perfect “she’s got a bag like Mary Poppins!” whatnots to have in my bag.


  94. I’m confused. When making the body, when I have 18 stitches and I sc2 in each one around, I have 36 stitches. The pattern says I should have 24. Help!

  95. thank you for the pattern. i hadn’t finished my work yet but your page was inspiring for me.

  96. These are sooooooo cute! I made them for my grandmom, she was so glad with them!

  97. Thank you very much for the pattern. they are so cute!!!
    make me want to do more crochet!!

    again. thank you.

    you can see my work at my blog.

  98. oooh those are sooooo cute

  99. What a great pattern! This was my first attempt at amigurumi, and I’m quite happy with the results (even though my birdie’s wings are a bit wonky).

  100. Awww… So cute! I embroidered the nose, and I’m really happy with my results… A great pattern for both newbies, to learn how to crochet in the round, and vets of crocheting!

  101. Okay. So I have tried to make the body twice now and I keep getting the same beret shape. What am I doing wrong??? I think these little guys are sooooo cute and I want to make one for my sister. So what does SC3 or SC2 mean? Is it single crochet 3 times in one loop? I got how to do the sc2tog but I still am stuck. Please help!

    • Hey, chickadee, I don’t know what you mean by “beret shape” exactly, but to Sc3, or to Sc2 is to single crochet in the next 3, (or 2) loops. Does that make any sense? so, (for Sc3) single crochet 3 times in the next 3 loops… I hope this helped.

  102. I’ll be sure to make that one. And I’m looking forward to both those calendars.


  103. Thanks for sharing this pattern…I love it…^_^

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  105. Hurrah your birdy pattern was the very first amigurumi I ever made! It was also the first crochet project for me, so thank you very much. There will be more from your patterns…

    Also thank you for your very speedy comment on my page (fancy track back above) :D


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  107. bonjour
    je viens de visiter votre blog, il est super sympa

    voici l’adresse du mien


  108. Thanks for the patterns! I’ll try to make one of those… Amigurumi’s Rules

  109. i am just starting to make these little crochet animals.. i dont raelly understand all the lingo. for example i dont know what “Sc2 into each st (12 sts)” is telling me to do! i know it sounds lame but please help.. i really want to make these adorable little birds :)

  110. Hola, te agradezco infinito todos los amigurumis, tengo un hijo que tiene el sindrome down y es fan de pokemon asi que quiere que le teja todos, gracias, espero que tu niña este bien.y toda tu familia hayan pasado estas fiestas super bien y con salud son mis mejores deseos para este año, tambien te quiero decir que saq

  111. Hi! I made a bunch of these little birdies, and gave them a twist (hairdos, etc.), and I want to enter them in a contest. I was wondering if you would allow that? The end of the contest is tomorrow before midnight.

    Thank you!

  112. Oh, and thank you so much for the pattern! I love these little birdies haha

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  114. what does”tog*” mean?

  115. I love those!! Do you have an etsy store?

    • There is a UK seller on Etsy, Coriandr, Folksy and Wowthankyou that appears to be using this pattern to sell hundreds of items. They have some things that are modifications but the birds they sell are clearly using this pattern. Shame!

      • I don’t think you can really assume it’s from this pattern. I mean, the shape of these birds is pretty basic. Tons of people would think of such things. But if you’re right, then I definitely agree. For shame. >:| But that goes to show how many people love the pattern :D

    • Have a look at the front page of and see for yourself. Its a remarkable co-incidence if that’s all it is but if not from the number of sales on other sites they’re listed on I’d estimate its generated £2,500 for them. Nice work if legit.

  116. These are just adorable, and just in time for Spring / Easter! I just have to make one (or several) of these. Thanks for posting this!

  117. I just loved making this pattern! What a sweet little creature!

  118. Thanks for the pattern! i made one for my 5yr old sister and she loves it!! here is what mine looks like!/photo.php?pid=31120417&id=1343193992&fbid=1410206898863

  119. Thanks for this cute pattern. I’ve made a couple, you can see them on my flickr page:

    amigurumi  birds

  120. Hi, I thought you might wish too know that your pattern for this cute bird is being made and sold without a mention of your name as the designer. As I make and sell patterns of my own I feel very strongly about people using my work without permission or a mention as too wheather they can sell it. best wishes from a fellow crafter.

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  124. hola yo no hablo ingles y tampoco se mucho de crochet… pero podrían decirme que significa sc (3 o 2 o 1)?? no entiendo mucho. yo hice el cuerpo, pero no me quedan las alas iguales :S

  125. I love these adorable little birds. I made some for my son and nephew as Easter presents. I added a little rattle inside for the babies to enjoy. I linked to your pattern on my blog ( where I posted a pic of my bird. I also posted my finished birds on Ravelry (as Sordidsox) where I originally saw your pattern. Thank you for sharing with us!

  126. Hi these are so cute I have made a little blue one today and I am going to show my sister how to make one tonight she has a new born baby and I thought if you sew on a long chain you could hang them of a car seat for them to play with Thanks for the easy pattern I love them.

  127. how come I keep ending up with the wrong number of stitches? and what does the * mean? I have a feeling that has something to do with it… any help, please?

  128. Adorable things inspire me to learn how to crochet!

    I’ve been working on this little guy, but I can’t figure out whether or not I’m doing it right. My “rounds” don’t go “around.” I mark where I start the round, follow the directions, count the stitches. When, for example, I count my 30th stitch, I’m only half way back around to my marker.

    Is this… correct? It sure doesn’t seem to be. I’m going to continue with the directions and just seem how he turns out! In the mean time, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  129. This is my first crochet project that I completed by written instruction. It took me a few tries to get the rounds correct, but I did it and they are so stinkin’ cute! Tks for the cute patterns.

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  131. Thanks a million for sharing this pattern! They made the perfect easy, affordable, and personal gift for a friend. They’re kind of addictive, too….I’m going on a bit of a bird-making spree!!

  132. Thanks a lot for the paterns!!
    I really love this amigurumi,
    it was easy to make!!
    I let you a picture pf my result

    see ya~

  133. Ok, I am new to this and I just started to learn how to read patterns so I am still very terrible at it! lol.

    Sc 3, sc2 tog* around (24 sts)
    Sc 2, sc2 tog* around (18 sts)
    Sc 1, sc2 tog* around (12 sts)
    Sc2tog around (6 sts)

    could someone please explain to me in terms that I would understand…what the above is exactly asking me to do…I would so appreciate it because I am so excited to finish my first little crochet project! S.O.S! HELP!!! Thank You much everyone!

    • you do 3 regular stiches then you go into the next stich pull out a looop like you usually do keep it on the hook go on the next stich do the same yarn over and pull through all three loops and do 3 regular stiches and repeat

  134. I there! Love this bird design but I have a few questions and haven’t seen an answer in the previous questions.
    1. When you say at the beginning to sc6 into a circle doesthat mean ch6 and join with a slst to make a circle?
    2. Are you joining at the end of each round with a slst and then ch1 to start the next round?
    Thanks so much for your help and the cute paatern you are sharing!

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  136. Wonderful pattern! I made four 4″ granny squares for a baby blanket and was looking for a “buddy” to put in the middle – which I have found here. Embroidered eyes and beak and off to the shops tomorrow to get some stuffing. Thank you :D

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  138. Thanks a lot for this pattern.. They are sooooo adorable.. And made one for me as a first try…

  139. hi! thank you so much for this nice pattern………..i love them. i varied the form a little bit, and i also made a another beak for them….. maybe you will look?
    bye, nico

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  142. I can’t figure ot the part that says Sc 1, sc2 into next st* around (18 sts)
    Sc 2, sc2 into next st* around (24 sts). I guessed it meant sc 1 into one stitch then 2 in the next and so on. Then you should have 12 stitches. Then, I think you should sc 2in each stitch, but I can’t understand how to end up with 24 stitches. Am I right, or am I thinking too hard. Can you please explain this to me?
    Thank you!!

      • Hi, When there is a space left between the sc and the number, ie Sc 2 it means single crochet in 2 separate stitches. When there is no space, ie Sc2 it means single crochet twice into 1 stitch.

        Start with 6

        Sc2 into each st (12 sts) – single crochet in each of 6 stitches to give 12

        Sc 1, sc2 into next st* around (18 sts) – single crochet once in first stitch, twice in second, repeat – giving 18

        Sc 2, sc2 into next st* around (24 sts) – single crochet in first 2 stitches, single crochet twice in the third stitch, repeat, giving 18

        Sc around

        Sc 3, sc2 into next st* around (30 sts) – Single crochet in first 3 stitches, single crochet twice in fourth stitch, repeat, giving 30

        I hope this helps

  143. these birds are so cute!I wonder if i can have this pattern on my blog?

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  146. I used this pattern to make an owl, and he’s for sale here:
    don’t worry I gave credit :)
    Thank you so much!!

  147. What type of yarn did you use for the birds? I used Red Heart Yellow….it might be my stitching, or stuffing, or it being my first time doing this but mine looks tight and sung, but the the yarn itself is thin, not as full as your stiches…??

  148. Thank you so much for this pattern! I always wanted to make an amigurumi but sometimes patterns are a bit hard to follow. Your pattern is easy to follow and the birds look super cute :)
    Thanks !!

  149. How do you stuff yours? I swear, I stuffed mine full and it still looks rectangular, I want it to be round(ish) and cute :) Is it dependent on the type of stuffing (cotton, scraps, fiber beads, etc.) or just how much you put in?

    • It’s really just a matter of how much you stuff your bird- I use fiberfill stuffing, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t many other options for the job. You do really need to pack it in, and it will take much more stuffing than you’d initially think. Just keep playing around with it; Worst comes to worst, you can always go back and remove some before your sew the opening shut, too.

  150. Thank you for this lovely model. I’m french, and some friends would like to pick these little birds but do not know how to translate. I therefore ask you permission ton send them the explanation in french. I’m waiting for your permission. Many regards.

    • Since I made this pattern free to share, I’d be happy if you wanted to translated it, provided that you link back to the original pattern here and provide appropriate credit. Thanks for asking!

    • Bonjour Tsitsa, je suis également française et débutante en crochet. Je viens de découvrir votre blog et c’est vraiment magnifiques ce que vous faites. Je vous tire mon chapeau. J’espère un journ arriver à votre niveau. Dites moi, comment puis je faire pour traduire le tuto de ses petits oiseaux ? Je ne comprend rien,… Mais je les adore, je souhaiterais les faire. Merci à vous !

  151. Hi!
    A friend and I will give an amigurumi workshop in a few days, in a Japanese themed CON ( and we plan to use your pattern.
    The workshop is free.
    I wanted to ask permission to translate and distribute on paper. Oviously this entry´s url appears in the footer.
    If you have any problems I’d appreciate you tell me.
    The workshop is Saturday 15th, if you know Spanish can find more information in my blog.
    Thank you very much in advance ^ ^

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  153. Hi!
    I don´t know if you have notice of this
    I dunno if the pattern is a copy of yours, but the resemble is awesome.
    I hope they´re not selling your work.


  154. Hi! I just finished my first and second amigurumis ever, wich i did using you pattern. This is what they looked liked:
    Thanks for sharing! (=

  155. What a great pattern! Used it for my first crochet project and it was really easy to handle. Thank you so much for sharing it :)

  156. My girlfriend liked your birdies so so much she made seven of them.

  157. I love this tutorial, it was really helpful, i wrote a post about it with a link to you, thanks for sharing this tutorial!!

  158. So cute ! Thanks for the DIY. I translated your pattern in french to do it. I link back to your original & your blog in my post, but i’d like your permission to give it in french (if you agree with my demand). Regards.

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  161. what size in mm is your eyes

  162. what does the asterix mean??

  163. Very cute! I made 5 of these little guys today. I’m going to leave them around town in random places with a little card, maybe I’ll make someone smile… maybe the people who find them will do something little to make someone else smile :)

  164. I love this pattern so much! Thanks for sharing.

  165. Is the body supposed to be so little?

  166. What rounds are the eyes on?

    • I never counted the exact rounds where I put the eyes. Just make sure they’re both on the same round in the upper half. You can always move them around before securing the backs until they look right. :)

  167. what does “tog” stand for?

  168. Thank you for this very cute pattern!

    I featured this pattern in my article that you can find on this link – at

    Thanks again! :)

  169. When starting a new round do you slip into the first stitch of your current round and start the new round, or just continue crocheting?

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  171. Thank you very much for this pattern. I just started crocheting and this was my first amigurumi. I have a picture of it in my new spanish blog and I follow you since my first post. I hope you like it!! i love your blog!
    Thanks again!

  172. So cute!!! I am 13, and i am going to totally male this!! if there’s anyone who can’t crochet, youtube is a wonderful thing!

  173. Sorry! i meant make! HAA HAA!!

  174. Help! I usually can read a crochet pattern, but I am having problems with this one!
    I usually have rows, not rounds and what do you mean by sc 6 into a circle?
    How do you keep track of what round you are on?
    Sorry for so many questions! any help would be appreciated :)
    thanks so much
    Anne Marie

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  176. Found your link on ravelry. So going to try this – even though I have only made one crochet project so far. Thanks for sharing.

  177. Hi,

    I know this pattern was put up so long ago. I recently made one of these lovely birds and it turned out adorable. The only thing is, the wings look quite different than the ones in your photo. They look quite round as oppose to the more U shaped in the picture. I made the wings exactly as said in the pattern. Did I do something when it came to assembly?

    • It’s hard to know what happened without having been there with you and without seeing the end results, but is it possible that your stitches were simply larger or wider than average? Did you pull on the wings particularly hard in a way that would elongate them? I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, but I hope you’re still happy with your little bird!

      • Oh I love my little birdy! I linked him. I am very happy with him, just curious as to why the change might have occurred. It isn’t too noticeable.

        Thanks for replying :)

  178. I love your patterns. I have made one bird and I would like to make more. I am starting a small internet business. I would like to sell my birds. Can I sell the things I make from your patterns? I will link back to your blog and give you all the credit for the pattern. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Thank you for your time and continue creating.

    • Hi Patrice,

      I’m sorry, I know that your heart is in the right place and I’m grateful you would provide proper credit,but I would have to ask that you don’t sell the birds created from this pattern. You’re welcome to give the finished birds away as a gifts or use them in craft swaps, however I would appreciate it if you didn’t sell them for profit, as I’ve made the pattern itself free and am making no money on it myself.

      Thanks for understanding!

  179. I so have to get this pattern when I get more ink for my printer. I am always looking to use my leftover yarnfrom other projects and this would be perfect!

  180. Trying this now!! I’m new to crochet!!

  181. I am crocheting this bird with crochet thread; it’s turning out so cute!

  182. Thanks for this sweet bird pattern. I so enjoyed the story that came with it!

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  184. Very cute! Love them! T y for the pattern. jill

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  188. i don’t really understand how to sew parts together…

  189. i thought i could follow any pattern but don’t understand on body i donot understand the sc2,sc2 into next st* around for total of 24sts from 18sts from prev row and then the following rows sc2, sc2, into next st* around . can u explain the sc2, sc2* into next sts

    • Hi there! It simply means that you should repeat the sequence of “single crochet once, single crochet once, single crochet twice into the same stitch.” You continue that pattern until you reach the end of the round. Hope that clears things up!


  190. Thank you for the pattern. I made a bluebird but I also made one of multi colored- bright red, yellow, orange, green and blue. I call it a baby macaw. It is my favorite. Can we sell birds made from this pattern? Making these are addictive and my granddaughter only needs so many. LOL

    • I’m so happy to hear that you’re really making the most of this pattern and enjoying it so thoroughly! However, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t sell the birds created from this pattern, since I’ve made the pattern free and am making no money on it myself. Of course, you’re welcome to give the finished birds away as a gifts or use them in craft swaps, though.

      Thanks for understanding!

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  194. I Just made a white one as a dove for my mom’s birthday. Thank you for the pattern these are so cute!

  195. It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to
    this excellent blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for book-marking
    and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to
    brand new updates and will share this site with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

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  198. So I can’t post a picture but I’m trying to make the body when I get to the part of sc around for 10 rounds should it start to look like it because mine looks like a twisty flower. I’m not sure if I should keep going or not. Help please

  199. they are cute, though I haven’t crochet or knit in a while I will give these guys a bash. thanks

  200. Dear Hannah,
    I really love these tiny birds and made one for me. Now, I would like to share this with my readers and would like to ask you, if you allow me to link your page and translate your instructions into German?
    I would appreciate if you could contact me!


  201. Wow these are so cute! They look easy too! Thanks for sharing :0

  202. It’s going to be finish of mine day, except before
    end I am reading this impressive paragraph to increase my

  203. Hi, I’m from Brazil and I saw your birds in a brazilian blog. It’s a beautiful work and I wanna kwon if you let me sell the birds I will do. (Sorry for the horrible english)

    • Hi Paula! I would have to ask that you don’t sell the birds created from this pattern. You’re welcome to give the finished birds away as a gifts or use them in craft swaps, however I would appreciate it if you didn’t sell them for profit, as I’ve made the pattern itself free and am making no money on it myself.

      Thanks for understanding!

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